I don’t know why it took me so long to write about Jerry’s fall that cost me $8K. I meant to write about it some time back, but i guess work took the most of out of me then. The husband is going away for 9 days and i’m up for solo parenting for the next week and more. I moved back to my mum’s today to ease my traveling time from depositing and fetching the kids and got triggered about writing this post because i’m back at where the incident happened…

Jerry in hospital in a sobbing mess

Jerry is a sobbing mess.

It was a sunday morning and i was still in bed when my mum frantically knocked BANGED onto my room door and shouted at me to come out, voice filled with frantic. The husband was away attending a wedding in Msia so i was alone that day.

I got out of my room and almost fainted. My son was in a bloody mess. Like LITERALLY. His face was filled with blood, he was screaming non stop, clothes was stained with blood and i went from my sleepy stupor into shock mode in a split second. I frantically grab some wet wipes and clean him up to access the damage while my mum went to grab some sugar and poured them over my son’s face – in a bid to stop the bleeding.

he suffered a split chin, and it was pretty bad. I called the husband, grabbed my phone, wallet and health booklet and ¬†carried the kid out of the house in a pronto. Luckily my brother was home so he drove us to my pediatrician. I didn’t think it would have warranted a hospital stay and that a PD could easily glue him back or stitch him up.

Little did i know……

At the pd’s office where i averagely wait for 1.5hrs to 2hrs each time, i triggered the urgency to the nurses and got to skip the queue and see her immediately. The cut was deep and bad and she couldn’t glue him back, and because of his age where he would struggle and scream, we would have to admit him for the surgeon to stitch him under GA. Then there were complications – Jerry was coughing and having bronchitis and it was not recommended to be under GA. There is a risk involved.

Long story cut short – we admitted, surgeon thought it was ok to go under GA, Jerry had to fast for 3 hours and got his hands all bandaged up for drips and that’s pretty much the reason why he was sobbing so badly in the picture above – hungry, immobilized and in pain. It was the longest 3 hrs because i was all alone – my brother had something to attend to and only dropped me at the hospital and every single minute was difficult to pass – it was heart wrenching to see Jerry crying non stop and i could do NOTHING to soothe him. #worstfeelingever

I don’t even have a toy to entertain him with, and my phone threatened to die on me any minute. We couldn’t leave the room and I even had bursting boobs to deal with. i remembered thinking to myself that that was the worst moment of my life. #helpless

The husband didnt attend the wedding he was supposed to and u-turned back home right after he passed his friend his ang pow. He was worried sick about his son.

Everything thereafter is a flurry of activities – surgeon came, nurses came, prep for operation, jerry refused to change into the gown (see above sobbing mess + added crankiness), loads of coaxing etc. The nurses tried to help but worsen the situation and i had them leave us alone for the kid to calm down. the kid was screaming and overly stimulated and tired and hungry. I eventually did everything with a packet of green tea. No, not drinking but holding it and the promise of letting him drink after seeing the doctor.

I accompanied him into the operation theatre and watched him go out like a light on the surgical table. Very scary moment for me. and the wait is like forever..


Post surgery boy looks like this. he got moved back into his ward, and minutes later, opened his eyes and demanded for the green tea. My back-up came (the husband) with all the toys and entertainment for him as well..

Jerry enjoying his green tea and cartoon

and then the flurry of visitors in that few hours. All it took was me posting 1 sobbing picture online and all the relatives got activated and came to the hospital. I can’t tell you how thankful i am for all those people who loved him as much as i do.

Jerry playing with his favourite uncle (yes, uncle!)


Having his BP taken and smiling while at it.

Sprawled on the ground at the corridors of his ward and running ALL OVER!

Well, i had an issue with trying to remove his hospital gown and changing him out. He refused to so he is forever in the gown for the rest of the day. Flicker-minded chap. First, he doesn’t want to put it on, then he doesn’t want it removed. Argh! He had to stay in hospital for observation because of his bronchitis and we ended up staying for 5 days, with the husband and me taking shifts and time off work to accompany him.

Getting nebulized.

I remember it being a tiring time for the entire family – everyone made time to come to the hospital. My mum cooked food for him, the husband and me literally stayed in the hospital on most days till the wee hours, we barely slept, survived on cup noodles and had to entertain the him non stop since he is known to be very active (like mother like son here).

All stitched up!

The surgeon did a wonderful job of stitching him up from inside, with dissolvable threads so the busted chin looks good!

Disney Planes is life saver!

Anything Disney Planes was a life saver then. I had to grab this when i saw it in 7-11 while picking up some cup noodles! We were so relieved when the doctor told us we are free to head home after 5 days! Poor Jerome got neglected and put in the care of my mum all these time and i remembered me missing him badly, but i was really really glad that the boy is fine and that’s all that matters right?

We went home with a $8K hospital bill (ouch, ouch, ouch!!) and ever so thankful that we bought him insurance.

Buzz Lightyear Ride On (pic source)

Well, the cause of the split chin? This brave boy took his buzz lightyear ride on and tried to scale down a flight of stars at the lift lobby while my mum was busy watering her flowers. I have a garang (i.e. fearless) one on my hands. i know right? I am already prepping myself for more to come.

P.s. I received quite ¬†a bit of comments and well wishes for the boy. i forgot to clarify in the post that this has happened some months back and the boy is now well, and probably bolder than ever! Boys, they just don’t learn right? And whatever that doesnt breaks them, makes them stronger. Grrr…