and so, tomorrow is teacher’s day. if you have school going children like me, have you prepped the presents? or has it been a really tedious process, pondering about what presents to give them?


or maybe, you have no intentions of doing anything at all? Lol.


i do feel people these days are, in general, more critical then appreciative towards everyone around them. or it could have been the wide spread use of social media which has amplified the negative voices. I know I am fully guilty of dishing out complaints a lot more than praises or compliments on a daily basis. its so much easier to complain, and take things for granted.


or maybe, I’m just over generalising based on what I feel. do tell me if you don’t agree!


and yup, so i have been pondering what to get for the teachers to show our bit of appreciation towards them, as much as jerry has only been going to ‘school’ (or in reality, childcare) for the past three months. its a short period of time, but I have seen jerry learn new things everyday, talk a lot more fluently, is able to tell stories or snippets of what happened during his day. he has grown so much, in that short span of time that it felt like I haven’t been looking for a year. I have seen the teachers interacting with jerry and am very thankful he is a very much well-liked boy by the teachers and they are always ready to pacify him or give him hugs when he is sad/crying or pat him for his afternoon nap.


I have a few ideas in my mind.. mostly craft related. Like..
1. personalised tea bags
2. personalised cups
3. personalised pens (according to my teachers friends, pens are a superb gift)
4. handmade cards with the help of jerry (nothing beats effort and love)..


but when I brought up the topic to the husband, he just told me to take a rain check and really consider if I had the time to do any of those that i listed above. and he’s right. I don’t. I’m time starved, trying to be a mum of 2, a housewife with chores from 2 houses to manage, a cow providing milk for the babies, a full time employee and a wife to the husband. my plates are so full and I’m sleep deprived all the time.


so, I did the simplest thing. buy a gift. but I still wanted and needed to be meaningful.. and I happened to chance upon these sweets!

handmade personalised sweets.

if you could read, they say “no. 1 teacher”, “haopy teachers’ day”, “i love you”, “abc”, “123” etc. totally perfect.


but I can’t help it but put in a little wee bit effort in personalizing the gift.

I stayed up last night after the kids has gone to bed and did this.. designed and printed stickers to stick on the sweet packets. the husband was really sweet to help cut the stickers because they were a little too big. I wanted jerry to write his name actually, but i got home too late and he went to bed, so I guess I had to do without.

ta-dah! all done. teacher’s day sweets with a personalized message and Jerry’s pictures.


I really hope they liked it! I didn’t have the time or opportunity to explain to jerry the rationale behind these or have him give the sweets to the teacher personally (they were singing the national anthem when daddy dropped him off) but I will be doing that next year because I want to him to be someone who learns how to be appreciative of teachers, and see the effort, care, concerns and love that they showered on him. for now, I’ll start teaching him to be appreciative of the people in my family first, starting from ME! Hahahaha.


I do hope this post do serve as in inspiration to be more appreciative of the people around you, and at the same time… spurs on some teacher’s days presents idea. I want to start earlier next year on prepping the presents!


p.s. no gifts/presents need to be expensive. I read so many teachers’ thoughts online and they all felt nothing beats a few words of thanks, or a simple heartfelt message written by their students.

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