the boy and me had quite a few movie dates ever since Jerry was born, all thanks to my mum who babysits Jerry while we sneak out for our movie dates, and some times, just to spend some twosome moments together.

yesterday, since the boy was on leave to take baby to the pediatrician, we popped out for a late afternoon movie – transformers: dark of the moon.

well, as usual.. we always talk about the movie after. stop reading if you havent watched the movie. spoilers ahead!

when the mercedes SLS AMG made its debut appearance in the movie.. der turned over and said, that’s the bad guy (i.e. decepticons) . i continued watching the movie and thought – how does he know?! (well, he was spot on!)

at the end of the movie (of cos i didnt ask during the movie), i asked the boy how he knew. he said.. he saw a tiny flicker of lights when carly (played by rosie huntington-whiteley) exited the car! i didn’t even notice it!

all i could think of was… was she wearing a pair of christian louboutins in one of the scenes? i spotted the red sole amidst all that action. the boy was like.. huh?! shouldn’t you be watching all the action and the fast cars? u actually notice the shoes! heh.

well, i also noticed that it is so unreal to have her running in her 3 inch heels while the building is falling, and to be able to even stand and work against gravity in those thin stilettos, and not lose them in all amidst all that running/action and rumbles. Wow!

its just funny how between girls and boys, we look out for different things in the movie. well, for me.. josh duhamel is HOT! Oopsie. the hubby aint gonna be pleased to read this.

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