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Slimming centre Absolute Slimming

Shop front of Absolute Slimming at Bugis Cube (credit: Absolute Slimming)

Some months ago, I blogged about my journey with Absolute Slimming. I lost 4kg in a month and go read my review if you haven’t already done so! Warning though, unsightly fats in pictures might make you vomit.

I was super thrilled with the results obviously. It gave me renewed confidence, and a bigger wardrobe because I was no longer struggling to fit in my old clothes and I could wear *almost* everything I wanted.

2 months on and 3 holiday trips, I continued treatment with Absolute Slimming. After all, holidays, good food and the waistline don’t go well together. The good news is, due to the increased metabolism from the first round of treatment, I only put on about 1kg after holidaying for almost a month. Not much rebound on the weight loss.

So, I went through 8 more treatment sessions of the same drill – watching what I eat, doing cupping therapy  (“ba guan”) and scraping of the skin (“gua sha”). Same old same old, but there are 2 things that is different this time round:

  • I tried heat treatment twice on the tummy area
  • I changed my dinner diet

The heat treatment is novel for me. I always thought of it as some heating pad but I literally get set on fire! Towels are first placed on the treatment area, drenched in a special concoction and set then ablaze. At no point does the fire actually get in contact with your skin. The fire is put out with wet towels after a few seconds and the procedure repeats.  It is supposed to loosen the fats and make it easier for the body to dissolve it or break it down. Here’s what it really looks like.

Absolute Slimming Review-by-8-Days (Heat Treatment)

Absolute Slimming (Heat Treatment) [credit: 8-days]

As for dinner, I switched out all my dinners to doing a fruit dinner. Specifically, I eat just an apple every day for dinner. And nope, I didn’t get too hungry while doing that because my apple is quite big. Haha!

While I was a little concerned about taking only fruits for dinner, it didn’t harm my health. I didn’t suffer from gastric at all! It was surprisingly very doable since the treatment already help to curb the hunger.


So, the result is that I lost all the weight I gained while travelling and more. Between my 1st and 16th treatment, my body fat dropped from 30.8% to 25.8%. As for weight, I dropped from 56.8kg to 51.4kg and it stayed constant during my last 3 sessions. Even then, my tummy, waist, hip, arms and thighs dropped in centimetre count.

SessionRight ArmLeft ArmRight ThighLeft ThighTummyWaistHips
1st session (8 Dec 2015) 29.529.55756.088.57892.0
16th session (20 Apr 2016) 27.52752.551.5797089

Happiness is when I feel liberated to wear any clothes.. including the much shorter crop tops that I usually shy away from. A new found freedom! It’s about feeling a lot more confident, less self-conscious and definitely, more smiles. And more camera ready (oh so important!).


Who could imagine that only just a few months before.. I looked the following? Stark difference I know!

Absolute Slimming Journey - My "Before" pictures

Dec 2015 – How I look before I started my first session!

In my honest opinion, it is an easy way to lose some weight. No need for slimming pills and there is constantly someone to help watch on your weight every few days when you show up for treatments. You kinda self-pressure yourself to make sure you don’t out on weight because you get weigh during each treatment! I can’t claim that it is the most effective slimming method as it is the only one I tried, but it definitely works for me. All the people around me can testify on that.

What’s more, sign up for any treatment packages in the month of June 2016 and get 10% off all slimming packages! The best part is Absolute Slimming also have a money back guarantee for customers who do not experience results within 4 sessions or 12 days (whichever comes first).

I had a lot of queries on my first slimming post so do know that I am happy to help answer any questions that you might have so do leave me a comment here or on my facebook! Alternatively, you can also book a free consultation with them. Here’s more details on Absolute Slimming.

Absolute Slimming

Website:  absoluteslimming.net


  • Holland Road Shopping Centre (211 Holland Avenue,#03-14, S278967) Tel: 6463 0360
  • Bugis Cube (470 North Bridge Road, #04-23, S188735) Tel: 6837 0640

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays: 11am to 9pm
  • Saturdays: 11am to 6pm
  • Closed on Sundays and PHs

Disclaimer: I received sessions of slimming treatments from Absolute Slimming for the review. All thoughts, opinions and fats are of my own. All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.