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    Strutting down the runway at the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2013…

Strutting down the runway at the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2013…

By |October 27th, 2013|


baby crawling on runway
It’s more like crawling down the runway, but…. jerome isn’t one of the models, even though he was decked in FOX’s gear that day.. I just plonked him there cos i thought it was really funny when he looked like he was relishing in all the attention and enjoying himself!

Baby jerome enjoying himself on the runway
jerome happily strutting on the runway..not!
totally rocking it on the (almost) empty runway.

so, potential model to be?? i really love this round little meat ball of mine – all his squishy fats and cuddly body. makes me want to give him a tight squeeze every single time.

some weeks back, i was invited to the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show held at Paragon and i thought it was spectacular! There were loads of fun activities to keep the little ones occupied – photo […]

the lion roars!

By |October 15th, 2013|

This morning, while the husband is waking jerry up for school, the little kiddo refuses to get out of bed. and in a split second, he decided to be a lion and do a lion roar in an attempt to scare the husband away. hilarious.

just where, do kids get these ideas into their heads?

the quick-handed husband managed to capture it on video so i loaded it up on youtube. i think this was a “replay” version. hilarious.

so, hear my little lion roar! (complete with facial expressions and all).

funny not? I hope you like it!

Till, i blog again..



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Things that my kids taught me while solo parenting last week.

By |September 24th, 2013|

Noise is virtually non-existence on this blog front since last week. I spent the week solo parenting the kids (both sick!!) and moving into a different role at work. Turns out, I ended up being severely sleep deprived, caught the flu bug myself from the kids and had to prep for a house warming party last weekend. As if life isn’t exciting enough with all the changes, I had to plan the house warming party on the same weekend. And even attempted to “bake” some jelly hearts to serve the guests. I know right, what was I thinking?

but I survived the week and in the midst of it, learnt a couple of things from the 2 kids.

1. Slow down the pace and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
I was on course for a couple of days last week, it’s part of the training for the new role […]

bedtime games.

By |August 21st, 2013|

1, 2, 3, FLY!!!!

jerry has been rather delightful to play with these days. he talks soooooo much, we sometimes find it amazing!


I have glow in the dark stars stuck on my room’s ceiling since my secondary school days and the stars have been there for like forever. when the lights are off, I sometimes show him the stars and have him count. 


recently, we have developed this ‘touch the star’ game where the husb will carry him all the way up and let him touch it. he chooses the stars he wants to touch.


he goes.. ‘papa! papa! touch the star!! pink star please!’, ‘big star!’, ‘orange star!, ‘this star!’ etc


and then he goes ‘again! again! one more time!’


we get sooooo tired from carrying him and pretend to sleep and he goes ‘no!!! wake up! papa, wake up!’


the husb sometimes cheat and […]

happy national day, singapore!

By |August 9th, 2013|

today, everyone in Singapore celebrates the nation’s birthday. I really love Singapore and how we grow and prosper year on year. I don’t think I would ever find another better country to stay in. sure, I love travelling and have been to quite a number of countries but nowhere beats home. Singapore is such a great country to stay in. its so safe (in comparison to others), so efficient, handicap and kids friendly everywhere, good public transport, great infrastructure and all, plus our tax is relatively low. sure, its not perfect but believe me, it a lot better than many many places!


I have have really silent on the blog front, because I have been soooooo tired since I came back from the trip. work, the house, and life in general. I have been try to play catch up for time I ain’t around so I am so knackered […]

a family trip to river safari for panda visiting!

By |July 17th, 2013|

as i was typing the blog header, i got reminded about the joke of panda taking pictures – they only turn out black and white!! ok, not funny.

some weeks back when my extended family was in town for my grandpa’s birthday, we made an impromptu trip to river safari to check out the pandas. I think it made my uncle’s day. He was really excited about the pandas. i was so hyped up about going on a family outing (together with my mum cos she hardly goes anywhere!) that i almost forgot about the rescheduled teacher-parent meeting in jerry’s school. Thank god the school is just a couple of blocks away. we missed the timing by 5 mins and der & me RAN all the way to the school. anyways, back to river safari.

here’s my aunt gracing the entrance.

tickets for all 7 of us […]

Sungei Boluh Wetland Reserve

By |July 10th, 2013|

this is a super backdated entry, from 6 months ago. it was one of those weekends in jan (5 jan to be exact) and jerome was still in my tummy. i was desperately trying to clock in some outdoor outings and spend some time with jerry before his brother pops out and share the attention.

i super love nature and have been wanting to go sungei boluh wetland reserve for a long while, and i finally made it there that weekend.

jerry dragging his cousin Levon along.

making our way in! I like that they add little tidbits and facts about the animals that we are likely to see on our journey in.

just for your info. entry into the wetland reserve is FOC on weekdays, but on weekends, PHs & school holidays, adults pay a meagre $1 for entry and $0.50 […]

Family portraits.

By |June 24th, 2013|

I never got round to blogging about this till now because the pictures took such a long time to get to me. I lost the mojo to blog about it until recently when i was searching for some family pictures to print for Jerry’s school.

we did a newborn shoot for jerome some time back, before CNY this year while i was still in confinement and in the midst of it, we bagged in some family portraits as well.

Naturally, i still look rather fat and preggers but here’s some of the nicer pictures that i thought was quite natural.

this is my absolute favourite of all the pictures because of the brotherly love. I hope Jerry would always love his brother as much as we do.

Now, i have requested for der to gift […]

mywaterway @ punggol on father’s day

By |June 21st, 2013|

sorry for the silence. its contributed by a couple of reasons. first of which is me feeling under the weather and I have been extremely tired of late from solo parenting last week and work and trying to recuperate. and the haze situation isn’t helping. my nose and airway have been irritated by the air and I did a 8-in-a-chain mega sneeze last night followed by burning nostrils,  I knew I had to hide under the covers and just sleep. so ya, forgive me will ya?


back to father’s day. I bought der an ice cream cup to reward him for a job well done (it’s as good as it gets so he deserves an ‘award’ to spur him to work harder). haha! its the thoughts that count right? I also got jerry to tell him “happy papa’s day” so he was naturally delighted (with the kid, not […]