1, 2, 3, FLY!!!!

jerry has been rather delightful to play with these days. he talks soooooo much, we sometimes find it amazing!


I have glow in the dark stars stuck on my room’s ceiling since my secondary school days and the stars have been there for like forever. when the lights are off, I sometimes show him the stars and have him count. 


recently, we have developed this ‘touch the star’ game where the husb will carry him all the way up and let him touch it. he chooses the stars he wants to touch.


he goes.. ‘papa! papa! touch the star!! pink star please!’, ‘big star!’, ‘orange star!, ‘this star!’ etc


and then he goes ‘again! again! one more time!’


we get sooooo tired from carrying him and pretend to sleep and he goes ‘no!!! wake up! papa, wake up!’


the husb sometimes cheat and ask the son to carry him to sneak in a break or two and then he tiptoes to make Jerry think that he did lift him up which I think its very hilarious to watch.


jerry goes ‘my turn! Gor Gor carry!’  excitedly and laughs non stop that the husb is ‘lifted off’ the ground somewhat.


it’s so much fun to watch, and I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures to capture the memory. sharing all of them here!

fun can be so simple!


p.s. pardon the red socks. jerry insisted on wearing socks when I was showing him some flash cards earlier and I couldn’t only dig out this pair in semi darkness.


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