Happy 2017 and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you… if you are still reading my blog! I am not blogging as often as I would like to, but today.. i needed to blog this down pronto.

Jerry. He is turning 6 years old in 4 months and he loves reading and spelling (!). Or I think he does because he has been acing his spelling test every single week for 2016 in school. Am so proud of him actually. He can read by himself most of the time, off food labels, street signs and story books so I have also delegated the story book reading to him whenever possible. Makes life so easy for me. I only need to sight the words and make sure he is on the right track and both kids get entertained.

So, while we were in the supermarket today…

Jerry (J): Mummy, the chicken must buy eh!
Mum (M): Why?
J: Because, it says must buy, so MUST BUY lor!
M: (looking at the packaging) Where did it say “Must buy”?
J: THERE! It says MUST BUY! We must buy!

Took me a while to decipher that.


Cheeky fella really cheered up my day.

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