Things Jerry says #14 - Jerry is a sadist!

Things Jerry says #14 – Jerry is a sadist!

I came home one day and was looking at my aquarium, checking if the fishes are ok. It’s a new tank so some deaths everyday seems to be the norm. Unfortunately, there was > 5 fishes dead, and i was really sad.

Jerry is pushing me and trying to get the best view of the aquarium as well when the following conversation took place.

C: jerry, don’t push me. it is not very nice of you to push me. Can you say excuse me? Anyway, mama is v sad. The fishes died! (shifts aside and points to one dead fish)
J: mama! Jerry happy!!!!! (Burst out laughing while looking at the dead fish)
C: Huh!  The fishes died, how can you be happy?! The lives are lost.
J: hahaha.  The fishes die, jerry happy!!!

Uh oh. I dunno if he has acquired some sadist behaviour or that he cannot really understand about life and death at this point in his life. He has since looked forward to coming home from each day.. and the first thing he does when he steps in?

mummy! I want to see got fish die anot!!

I know right. I have a weird kid. For the aquarium enthusiast, the tank has since stabilized and there are no more deaths (much to the dismay of my kids). Meanwhile, if you have liked this post, do check out the rest of “Things Jerry Says” that I wrote previously which i really enjoyed documenting it.