I’m such a Harry Potter fan and i’m so excited to announce… I now have my very own Harry Potter!

Jerome Potter is Harry Potter

Harry Potter with the lighting scar. OOps, i mean Jerome Potter.

We sorta have an accident in the household just 3 nights ago and this is the result of it. What happened?!  Well, here’s what.

At the strike of midnight, Lord Voldemort came into my bedroom and attacked him! I heard a thud, and then loud, shrieking cries.

I’m joking. My dear son, was asleep beside me and he suddenly ROLLED off the bed. It was so dark and I quickly got down to pick him up and thought he was crying a lot harder than usual. At the same time, I thought i heard other sounds before the thud.

I stared at his face in the dark and saw a patch of black stuff over his forehead. I ran to the lights, flicked it on only to realise… its blood. Loads of blood.

The entire household is asleep and i quickly woke the husband up (who fell asleep in the living room) and he SCREAMED! (what the….??) I guessed it was too much of a shock for him when he just got woken up rudely by me and a bloody face greets him. We tried to clean up the blood and the kid was inconsolable the entire time, something that isn’t very usual of him.

Moments right after the fall, with blood cleaned up

It looks quite bad, and there was quite a lot of blood so we made the decision to rush to A&E at KKH. We quickly grabbed some essential supplies to last the night – milk powder, diapers and wet wipes, changed and we are out of the door, sleeping jerry on our shoulders as well.

We spent the next 3 hours in the night waiting for our turn to see the doctor (seriously?!) and both the husband and me were so tired, we were dozing off in the seats while waiting for our turn. Jerome, on the other hand was pretty energetic and was active throughout the entire time. We didn’t have anything to entertain him so it made the wait a lot worse.

the active kid that’s still climbing all over the chairs at the hospital.

the fresh wound is still bleeding while we were at the hospital.

I don’t know about you, but this kid is so young and bleeding, and we were still left to wait so long. Don’t they prioritize or something? To be fair, they did put a dressing on the wound, but was promptly ripped off in 10 secs. I tried to put it back and this smart alex decided to rip it again and throw onto the ground. sigh. He didn’t like the dressing over his forehead so I left it as it. Anything to make him comfortable.

Here’s another pic of the wound.

On hindsight, while reviewing the pictures now.. it don’t look as bad but i guess we were pretty freaked out that day and our bed is quite high so we thought we rather be a little safer and have him checked. I guess the incident of Jerry falling down the stairs instills some kind of paranoia in us.

The stoning husband!

My grumpy little kid

I kept myself awake by constantly snapping pictures. It was the only thing that could keep me sane while battling fatigue. The best news of the night – doc said the cut wasn’t deep and no stitches required! THANK GOD. I also had a good laugh at the husband cringing when the doctor pulled apart the skin to check the depth of the wound. We were so happy to be heading home after the nurses cleaned up the wound again and applied medication.

Jerome showing an irritated face cos I was blocking his TV.

Hours later, the kid looked as good as new, except with the lightning scar on his forehead. I just gotta love having my own harry potter! We are still observing him for irregularities and vomiting or dizziness. So far so good except that his eye socket is a little bruised now. I guess boys would just be boys. They survive everything much better than we give them credit for.

Me, on the other hand was pretty thrashed having to wake up and report to work barely 2 hours after my head hits the pillow. Yes, more so than feeling guilty about what happened to my child.

I mean, it is an accident and no one wanted it to happen. But it did and the best thing is to move on and be happy and look on the bright side of things. It’s not like we can change anything that happened, so very much often, the husband and me tries to lighten up things and be cheerful and happy so that we can be better parents. It helps us, and in turn, helps the kids. There is really no point crying over spilled milk.

We learn every day as parents so that we can be better parents in the future. I hope if the same thing happens to your kid, do learn to look at the bright side of things, because i am sure there will be more to come!

Meanwhile, the incident also taught me a few things.

1. Don’t bother with KKH A&E. The wait is way too long. I had a lot of friends tell me Mt Alvernia A&E has no queue so I’ll bear that in mind and head there the next time. You should bear that in mind too. P.s. the consultation fees is cheaper too!

2. Remember to grab some toys or a book to keep your kid entertained during the wait. It is likely that he won’t go back to sleep after the trauma that he/she has just been through so its good to have something handy!

3. Grab a sweater for yourself. You need to protect yourself before you can take care of the kid. Despite rushing out of the house, i changed into a sweatshirt so that i won’t feel cold. Hospitals are often, very cold in the wee hours and it isn’t very nice if you have to shiver through the long wait. P.s. If your kid’s PJs are thin, do grab something warm for them too.

4. Keep the receipt for insurance. We weren’t sure if we would be covered for this since it isn’t that major after all but we still kept the receipt and checked with our agent thereafter. And yes! It will be covered for us.

5. Stay POSITIVE. One thing to note – even though I was with the kid when the incident happened, the husband didn’t blame me at all. As humans, we are very prone to crediting blame on someone. I am guilty of  it as well, but I guess it really made me feel a lot better and a lot less guilty about it all. Without this, the harry potter joke won’t even surface. Parenting is team work, so encourage each other on if you can.

So yup, that’s all i have to say!

Oh, are you wondering what caused the big cut? We absolutely have no idea but our best guess is that he probably hit the bedside cabinet before landing on the ground. Do look out for the next installation of my “Conversations with the Husband“, inspired by our Harry Jerome Potter.

Keep calm and parent on.

The scar looking much darker and healing now!

P.s. This isn’t the first time I had to deal with a kid falling and getting all that gore. My first kid, Jerry also had a major fall down the stairs, and split his chin badly. We rushed him to the pd and had the top priority (we saw the doc immediately) and admitted him for surgery + hospitalization for observation for 5 days. Here’s the full story.