9 May 2017, Tuesday, 10.30pm. Jerry lost his first tooth ever. It has been shaky for weeks and his new teeth has been peeking beside the baby tooth for a while. We were still wondering if he was going to have his birthday pictures toothless some weeks back. I was secretly glad that the tooth didn’t come off before his birthday although the tooth obviously shifted its position and looked totally out of place.

The kid has been complaining about chewing certain stuff that is too tough and have rejected eating some foods because it hurts. Last night, the kid showed me his super wobbly tooth.. and I could tell that it’s probably gonna drop off any moment with one of the root showing. So, in my usual style, I snapped some pictures of it!

Thank goodness I did, because less than an hr later, the tooth came off. While Jerry was trying to swallow some plain porridge that he absolutely has no appetite for, but I told him to try eating because he hasn’t ate all day. He was so sick and it pains me to know that for the first time ever, he rejected food and was feeling lowly. I had to feed him and told him to try eating because he needed food to be strong and get well.

Here’s a picture of the toothless him. If you look closely, the new tooth was already fully out of the gum, but was further inside the mouth.


His tooth was so so tiny, it was so hard to wash it. I feared of losing it down the sink while washing! Daddy gave him a small container to keep the tooth and he was asking if tooth fairies are real, and that if he will get a dollar in exchange for his tooth if he puts it under the pillow. He promptly runs to the bedroom and placed the cleaned tooth under MY pillow. Hilarious much.

I just have to cheer him up! I climbed out of bed in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping and worked on this..

So, I turned tooth fairy last night and wrote this with my left hand! Jerry lost his first tooth just days after his 6th birthday while trying to swallow some porridge. He was asking me about tooth fairies and if they are real and that if he will get $1 for his tooth. Decided to make his day by doing this in the middle of the night. Poor kid is quite sick and it's been 3 days of non-stop fever of more than 39 degrees. I have never seen him so weak and restless, and never had he had a lost of appetite before. We have been to the doc's and had a battery of tests taken and it just seems that he just caught a viral bug. Hope he gets well soon. As for me, I haven't slept proper in days and am so so so tired! Very thankful for the holiday today which I am gonna spend in bed. Happy Vesak Day to all! #toothfairy #jerrychoo #toothfairycame #sporemombloggers #sgparentblogger

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Chose to write it with my left hand so as not to give the game away! The kid will definitely know it’s me if he can recognise the handwriting. And here’s what happens in the morning.

UntitledKid discovered the Tooth Fairy note in the morning and his $1 reward (after some prompting), and spends some time reading the message.. before announcing to everyone that he got a note from the tooth fairy.

UntitledEven Jerome seems pretty excited about it and came to tell me Jerry got a note from the Tooth Fairy!

UntitledKid scrutinises the note whenever he has the chance and just kept reading the note over and over again. In the meanwhile, asking me questions that made me giggle so hard inside. Here’s some of those that I remembered..

J: Mummy, is this note really from the Tooth Fairy? Is it from you?
M: Nooo,.. It is signed off as tooth fairy. Besides, I don’t write like that (referring to the handwriting).

J: Mummy, when did the tooth fairy come? Did you see her?
M: No. I didn’t. I think she came when we were all sleeping.

J: Mummy, how did the tooth fairy know my name? I didn’t tell her my name is Jerry!!
M: I have no idea, Jerry. Maybe the tooth fairy knows all the kids’ name that they collect the tooth from.

J: Mummy, why the tooth fairy cannot write properly? (referring to the inconsistencies in the handwriting where some letters are bigger and the rest smaller) Is it the pen is very heavy and the tooth fairy is very small so it is very hard for her to write?
M: I don’t know Jerry. I have never seen the tooth fairy before. But it might be just what you said. It does look like the tooth fairy might have difficulty writing.

J: Mummy, where is my tooth?!
M: The tooth fairy took it, didn’t she?
(I hid it actually)

I guess he is pretty fascinated for today. When I asked what he would like to do to the tooth fairy’s note, he say he wants to frame it up! I am so gonna keep it up for as long as I can, and for those of you whom he might ask about the tooth fairy, please… don’t burst his bubble and let him live in the fantasy a little longer. It won’t hurt you know? It’s all in the name of fun, for the kid! Big thanks in advance from the Tooth Fairy. And till the day he discovers the secret..!