feeling satisfied..

had a super filling lunch. made spaghetti and brought to the office for a pinic with all my colleagues in the pantry (all girls only thingy). i only cooked the spaghetti.. or rather mum ended up cooking for me tis morning cos i couldnt cook it last nite due to fridge space constraints.

anyway, pc cooked a huge “bucket” of tomato-based sauce with fresh tomatoes, minced meat, loads of mushrooms, onions and it was superb. -slurp- toppled it off with free spicy tuna, clam chowder soup and lipton iced tea (all complimentary from the office).. cool rite? i think its fun and brings all of us closer together.

am now on relief as a receptionist again. everyone seemed shocked that i am here when they walked past after coming back from lunch. the silence in this place is kinda killing me… falling asleep.. battling my heavy eyelids..