tiring days..

I woke at 8.30am with a bugging headache today. Yes, that’s the time im supposed to report to work. Struggled to the bathroom and feeling lethargic as i prepared myself for the new day. So, as people usually comment abt me.. “as usual”. i reached about 9.30am and was feeling really stoned.

I didnt have sufficient sleep in the last few days. I slept at 4+ on thursay nite. Don’t ask me what i was doing. If im feeling good and had nothing better to do, i would have a sane snough mind to head for bed. obviously i wasnt.. so it leads to a tiring friday..

Was out last nite with wenjing & shuyu yet again. Don’t ask me why i went despite being tired. There are no whys. Just wanted to head out and have some fresh air. To take my mind off loads of things and just chat nonsensically.. or do whatever there could be done out there.

today, yet another sucky day i work. I no longer find motivation in my job. it’s a bad sign and i know that. time to head home, but im waiting for my colleague to come out from the conference room. i hate staying back for work nowadays. i just don’t feel worth it.

wanted to swim but my swimming buddies had their aunties visiting them. wanted to play badminton but no one is free or the timing’s not right. decided to head home to clear my room and sleep. I’m free today! anyone wanna date me?

beep me alright? *waiting*