Fun & laughter + presents!!

rushed home last friday and grab the foodies mum has prepared and took a cab down to david’s house.. loads on my hands.. wanted to take the train to save some money, but too much were on my hands.. the cake.. the foodies.. the christmas pressies for the girls.. and my huge bag with my swimming gear.. my stay-over items..

struggling with all the load, hopped onto a cab and almost lost my way there.. hee.. here’s some of the pictures that i took with my cammie phone and my sony cammie..

there are more pictures to come, waiting for wenjing and larry to send them to me.. did ivy bring along a cammie as well?? can’t really remember.. the night was fun with mahjong sessions and a whole gang of us fighting over houses and hotels in the monopoly game.. it’s so relaxing.. spend time watching vcd and finally headed home at 5+ in the morning.. wenjing has already gone to dreamland ages ago and didnt have a chance to say goodbye to her.. *grinz*

we had christmas gift exchanges and here’s what i got..

– a beach bag (from pei)

– a white shawl (by wj & sy)

– $X red packet (main sponser -ivy, co-sponsers – wj & sy for me to buy a racket!!)

– a disney beach mat, a cinderella photo frame and a mickey bag (from ivy)

wanted to swim on sat.. but we woke too late and couldnt go since wenjing had something on in the late afternoon.. spent the whole day lazing around and watched vcds with wei throughout the entire night! another day of sleeping only at dawn..

sunday was a shopping day.. spent the whole day walking around in town till my toes are sore.. buy buy buy and carried loads of rubbish back home to store again..

oh, michie’s back!! yipee.. hey, make some shouts here!! *yawn* i’m so tired.. snoozing time..

night people..