headed to dfs yest with meiting in tow. wj had this special VIP card that enjoys discount on certain brands so i happily dragged meiting there with me.

i can imagine mich staring at me with her big big eyes and going.. “tsk tsk”.. and having this thought in her mind.. “she gonna complain she’s broke again..”

Oops. shopping malls are evil things.

coach having sale! but nah, i cannot afford. i just headed to swarovski counter and got yee yee the handphone accessory that i owed her.

and i was walking ard and hit the dkny counter and saw this lady grabbing 7-8 of those pouch like stuff. and the counter lady went.. “after discount its 20+!”.. wah. i tell you. i got alert and started grabbing too. ideal for christmas presents! but nah. in the end, i only bought 1 for myself, cos i reckon everyone else that i had the intention to buy for, doesnt need it.

contemplated on this ralph lauren bag which was at 50% discount. decided to buy after a really long time cos it was way too costly for my definition for bags. when i was making payment, my eyes got REAL BIG while the cashier told me the price. turns out, it was MUCH MUCH cheaper cos with wj’s card, there’s an additional 25%!!


quickly went to tell shuyu who was contemplating the bag earlier too. and she decided to grab it too. in another color. and while we were choosing, i got tempted on this sling bag of the same print and decided to buy for yee yee again. i know, 2 gifts, but it seriously doesnt match the amount of gifts she gave me, and the numerous krispy kreme treats.

despite being determined to head home by 9pm, i was still in the malls at almost 10pm. had dinner with meiting, and had a hard time searching for muslim food at such odd hrs near our place. most of the coffee shops were closed. so, imagine the time i finally stepped home, to the comfort of my room.

and i slept at near 4am! 🙁


the 4kg load that i lugged around the island for the whole day!!

yes. friggin tired.

work in the morning was a mad rush. am on 1/2 day leave and rushed off again to attend something*.. was almost late, and i made poor joel wait for abt an hr cos i was being held up.

the sweet boy

we had lunch at suntec. my favourite crystal jade la mian. err. no pictures of food. too busy eating. i was famished without brekkie and lunch at 3.45pm! and rushed off for class.

class = tiring. not exactly pleasant with insufficient sleep and a rush-rush day. and guess what?!?!

i was stoning on the way home, when i got a call from shuyu. i even wondered, in my blurness why she would call me at 9+ at night. definitely not a time we talk often.

i answered. and the train announcement was going.. “next stop, yishun (te te te te te)”

s: eh, what time u coming?
me: huh?
me: oh shiT!!! i totally forgot abt dinner!
s: where u now?
me: yishun.
s: so you still coming?

awww. i was struggling with my bags. and my fingers are heating up. the sign that i havent drank enough water/going to fall sick. my shoulders are red and my toes hurts a great deal.

mind said,”get out of train and hop back!”
body said,”cannot tahan anymore. need to rest”

and so, the body won and im back home, reeling in ultra guilt, reflecting on the entry i wrote abt allan’s dinner.

and to think earlier in the day, i was planning how to waste the time between the period after class and the dinner meeting time.


ivy, im extremely sorry that i missed the dinner. i really wanted to go. a thousand sorry is never enough. a dinner date is bad already. and it was meant to be ur birthday dinner date somemore.

i feel like slapping myself.