i was stuck to her the whole of yesterday.. from noon till the wee hours of the night. we attended lucas’s first month in serangoon north (ade still looks as good as ever!) after a driving adventure and I chilled the afternoon away with my laptop plonked on jen’s bed while she busied herself with housework.

haha. i never see her so domestic before. mop floor, do laundry. fold clothes, wipe the cupboards etc.

then i was amused by something that she did – fold half, fold half, flip and tuck it in. she transformed her undies into cute little balls. sounds very silly to be amused, but then she says vital also find it amusing.. so i’m really normal!

near evening, we busied ourselves with painting our faces pretty and dressing good to turn up for gab’s wedding. got to see all my ex-colleagues, some of which i met in the afternoon at ade’s place. it was more of a night of natters as i was trying to rotate myself amongst the different tables.

the evening quickly came to an end, but that was not the end of our day. we popped by amk to pick branson up and went back to jen’s place for a game of mahjong..

sounds like quite a day right? i didn’t take any pictures throughout the day. i think these days, i’m like so lazy to even fish out my camera to take pictures anymore. so, i shall wait for the pictures to be sent to me, or tagged in facebook.

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