while I have been so busy at work lately, the husband has been taunting me with pictures of our letters from hdb!


couple of weeks ago, he sent me this..

it says that the probable completion date is in dec.. I was like.. Chey! not something that I didn’t already know since I so often stalk the hdb website on the status.


then last Friday.. we got another letter!

this time, to have us submit documents for our loan eligibility! so the weekend saw us scrambling to fill up the necessary and printing out/saving all the docs necessary. it even warranted a trip back to the office for me to grab my laptop so that I could log onto my intranet and pull out my payslips since mine is all digital copies.


major excitement, only to realise.. the hubby doesnt have his pay slips. he haven’t collected his for months from the local office and whatever he had was damn dated (july?) so we had to wait till Monday for him to pop by the office to collect. bummer.


that didn’t stop us from popping by though!

all done!

we attempted to make our way in since the hoardings were all gone (those in the picture belongs to the flat besides ours which was built like 2 years after?) but was stopped by the ‘security’ citing that they are still working on some bits and due to safety reasons, we can’t enter just yet!


so now, we have submitted all documents (and hopefully get clearance) and pending THE letter to collect the keys!


feels happier than striking lottery.