Radio silence for the past few days because we are both under the weather. Between the 2 of us, someone got a bug and passed it on. Jerry had fever on Wednesday, and it went away after a patch and some medication but had runny nose and started coughing last night. A first in his books for being sick and down with a virus.

Me, I am suffering from a really bad throat and been sneezing non stop, feeling very miserable and popped over to the doctor’s yesterday morning. Now, we are at the pediatrician, and have been waiting since 11am. Almost 3 hrs later, there are still 12 people in front of us! Sigh. A really huge price to pay for sleeping in.

Quite a waste of time just hanging around waiting. How was your Saturday morning?

Check out his snoot. It has been a rather trying few days dealing with a super cranky baby. And of cos, he is also granted extra cuddles and more leeway in getting things his way than usual. Poor baby. I hope he gets well soon!

Meanwhile, I am currently sitting here, staring at the numbers on the counter and willing it to jump, right to my turn. Would some one call harry potter and help me with some magic?

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