The weekend has been real tiring! In gist, it’s much baby related! As usual….

Antenatal class on Saturdays. 1 more class to go and we’re done! l spent the late afternoon folding and packing the baby diapers yesterday with a date night out with hubby for a play. Details in a separate post, when I find more energy. Am so ready to crash right now..

That’s all the cloth diapers I have! The blue ones are towels and baby wraps that I got/was gifted. It looks like a lot, but I’m not sure if it’s sufficient to turn around for use. See? The baby goes through many diapers change and these will need to go into the wash, hang out to dry before it can be used all over again.. So its weather dependent in a way. Thank goodness I do have a dryer at home though I find it quite an antique cos my mum loves to protect the environment and save electricity and use the sunlight instead.

This morning got me into another washing frenzy again. There’s just so much undone! I washed more baby clothes (I seemed to have so much!), bed sheets/linens/protectors, pillows etc. My arms sure got a good workout from all that washing! And yup, it’s manual washing with me squatting in the toilet with a big pail and getting all wet with the splashing.

Headed out for a swim once the clothes were all out to dry! Swim was good, wanted to do more but the noon sun was hot and I didn’t want to get too tanned, so I stopped at 20 laps (as usual). Feeling great after the swim!

Shopped for some necessities and popped home to fold/sort out the baby laundry! I also started working on the ‘nursery’!

Tadah! Blog more about it separately.

And finally, my tummy! Grew an inch over the past week. My mum commented that the tummy is moving ‘downwards’ thought I didn’t feel much difference or sense any difference, except that there has been random sharp pains occasionally and I could feel Jerry is exerting pressure there. The source of his hiccups is also more central/downwards within the tummy as compared to previously where it’s more frontal. It’s a tad ticklish because my rectal area can feel the hiccups now!

The appetite is better this week, mainly contributed by happy lunches (must thank my lunch buddies for indulging in whatever I feel like eating!) but i still get occasional nauseousness which is bearable. The butt, hips and joints are feeling more painful and ‘creaky’ in some sense. The inner thighs are also feeling a little sore and painful when I walk. I ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ like an old lady when I need to sit/stand daily.. It’s quite a funny sight because I feel so old!

My hamstrings feel tighter in both legs and I try to stretch them out or lift my legs slightly when I lie down to read/play games on my phone. Sleeping has become quite a chore. Am very very tired but can’t really sleep. And then when i do.. I wake up after 2 hours and be wide alert.. while I know the bod is damn tired, my mind refuses to shut. I have downloaded a few relaxation app on my phone to help me sleep better but it hasn’t really helped. So am really quite zombiefied these days, especially at work! Wanted to take leave earlier because of the insomnia that I’m experiencing (I clock in the max of 4hrs sleep daily and the situation has almost been a month!). Frustrating! But, I’m holding out because I want to spend more time with baby after its out before going back to work. And now is like the typical example – it’s 5.15am and I’m blogging away..

Even turning myself on the bed hurts.. I have no idea why the body is so aching. My mum said she never had this problem when she was pregnant previously! Then again, she was also much younger when she gave birth to my brother & me. I wonder if it’s normal.. Packed more stuff into the hospital bag today.. Only left my entertainment stuff (read – books/laptop/cameras + chargers) and also my toiletries.. Which I have been using every week for my swim. So it’s rather hard to pack them because I don’t have duplicates in them small bottles.

The baby’s kicks and punches are still as active as ever, I feel them all day long, and when the occasional fist/leg/elbow juts out of my tummy like a little hard stone, I find it uncomfortable and try to ‘rub’ it back onto position. The break dancing tummy has also managed to amuse the hubby on several occasions and jerry’s really whacking up a storm in there at times! He’s like having a whale of time partying! My little active boy!

The tummy suffered 2 little scars over the weeks. I initially thought it was a scratch, but it persisted on for a few weeks and it was at the bottom bit of the tummy which I couldn’t see at all, except through the mirror.. The hubby inspected it the other day and declared it a scar! I wondered if I accidentally scratched it while I was sleeping some day. They don’t look like stretch marks because it’s red, short and appear in opposite directions. I do hope they go away after the pregnancy even though it seems unlikely.

I wonder how much more time I have before the day.. 36 weeks sounds very daunting to me. Wish me luck! Now, let me try to get some sleep in though I’m quite sure I’ll hear the birds chirp soon and see the sky lighten up while I’m still conscious.

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