missing my little bundle of joy.

my baby frolicking around my granduncle’s shop in jb


my baby is away in Malaysia for a family wedding for the weekend and won’t be back till tomorrow. we came back this afternoon for a friend’s wedding and baby stayed with my mum since there’ll be no one around when we go work tomorrow morning.


I thought we’ll enjoy the alone couple time much, but I find myself missing jerry a lot. it didn’t help where we had a 2.5yo sitting with us at the wedding tonight.


ah.. separation anxiety. I thought I was pretty cool with it, but looks like I have to eat my own words!


have been busy with work, falling sick (boo) , attending functions (weddings and funeral) so its rather quiet here. this coming week isn’t gonna be better.. the family is travelling out over the weekend for my grandpa’s birthday and next monday, we are jetting off to kuching.


loads to do but so little time. I promise to post up a few more entries over the next few days before its radio silence for a week and a half.


time to crash out. dog tired!