for those of you who don’t know.. i like to draw and doodle a lot. when i was MUCH younger, i arm myself with a pencil, pen or marker, and sometimes chalk, i go around the house and draw..

on the walls, the bed frames, the cupboards, the walls, the windows, the doors, the floors.. you name it, i have done it. imagine my mum’s horror when i color the cartoon characters on the cupboards and bedsheets with the color markers that i have.


well.. i must say she really had a lot to deal with, with a kid like me. some of the drawings can still be found.. the bed frame, some of the bed sheets, the door and the windows.. i painted my drawings on the wall away since most of them are in my current room. i don’t know if i like to draw.. but i’ll just doodle whenever i have the chance.

in class when i was in school. on telephone conversations and in meetings mostly. and i’m proud to present my recent doodles!! haha. tells you how bored i really was right?!

if you were sharp.. you might have detected that i had a change of notebook cos the old one was running out of pages. decided to snap this few pages because the doodles are usually colorless, but recently, i decided to bring along my multi-color coloring pen (a bit like pastels) into the meeting room and resulted in these.


they cheer me up instantly, ya know?

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