Managed a couple of happy lunches this week to perk myself up. I needed all that happy moments because the nauseousness hits me all over again and its a struggle to eat and keep the food down. I keep wanting to purge it out and it has been very uncomfortable. read that it’s actually pretty common to be feeling this way as one nears the due date..

Tuesday’s lunch – ah koong in msia with hubby!

I took urgent leave last minute to accompany my hubby in driving my mum to msia for her post surgery check up. Just felt bad that I haven’t been doing much for her and my hubby has been doing all the work. Even though I am banned from the hospital still, I think keeping my hubby company while waiting for my mum to be done is also some form of moral support and at least, I get to spend some quality time with hubby too!

Side track a little, my mum’s check up went well.. All was fine, she didn’t manage to see her doctor in-charge and saw the one on duty instead. She could do without the bandage now and can air the wound. There’s still pain at the surgical area but the wound is healing nicely! Its actually quite scary when I help my mum clean the wound.. It’s like 15-18cm long? She doesn’t walk with her back bent (in pain) anymore, but still cannot carry heavy stuff and do heavy chores. Best bit was.. She forgot to ask the doctor how long it’ll take to recover. Another check up scheduled for next month, so I’ll update the situation then again!

Back to my lunch, I don’t quite know a lot of nice food places in JB except the usual haunts and since my brother who is the msia foodie ain’t there, we popped over to ah koong, a rather famous noodle shop that’s quite expensive that serves fishball noodles and Yong tau foo like ingredients as add ons. The abalone noodle cost rm$45! Am a frequent customer where when I pop to msia since it’s very near my granduncle’s house.

See my over flowing portion with fishballs, bean curd skin, generous servings of fat oysters, ngor xiang, pacific clams and fried wantons and my dry kway teow in dark soy sauce! Everything was great except that I couldn’t stomach the oysters (too fishy) so the hubby had a double dose and almost O-D on it.. He swears he’ll stop eating oysters for a month!

Took a picture of the wet tissue for address but too lazy to type it out here.. Can you read?

Its at taman sentosa, jalan sutera. Map for reference! I realized they had free wifi in the restaurant and checked in on foursquare!

Wednesday – jack’s place at nex

It was a date with Bernice and I almost had to cancel on her cos I had team lunch.. Was so sorry and disappointed cos we had been talking about it for a week! Thank goodness the team lunch was postponed and we proceeded as planned!

The restaurant is situated at a weird corner of the mall and easily forgettable. I actually had to take a picture and send it to Bernice to remind her we need to eat that!

I starved off steak for a long while now, since I can’t take raw stuff and well done steaks just doesn’t do it for me.. So I had the chicken thigh set lunch with mushroom sauce! Must be quite greedy because I also had onion soup, coke float, iced lemon tea and 2 glasses of water! Good lunch by my standards! Ok, I confessed I stole a small piece of steak from bernice’s ribeye (she/I made sure it was cooked and safe) and also stole a few bites of her baked potato.. Yummy!

Thurs – grandma’s at nex with Bernice and Melissa!

We ran out of places to eat at nex, and I didn’t want to eat in a non-aircon place because I perspire a lot these days (must be the higher bod temperature) and I had a dinner date, so back to nex since it’s the nearest! We chose grandma’s as it looked pretty decent but after we got in, i realized it’s quite expensive for local fare. That’s Bernice’s lunch. Some ayam something something. Haha. Chicken, beef rendang, egg and onions.. Tasted quite nice but according to Bernice, the portion shrank and it’s not as nice anymore (compared to the paragon’s branch).

Melissa’s beef rendang that she ate with white rice. I forbid her from taking chicken because she has been coughing badly and yay! She actually feels better after starving off chicken for a week.

Stir fried choy sum with garlic for me.. I forgot to take a picture of my seafood horfun!! But then again, it’s just horfun so you can try imagine a big plate with loads of sauce. I sent it back to the kitchen because some bits of the egg in the sauce is not fully cooked and they just micro-waved it for me. -_-”

Friday’s lunch – team lunch and farewell lunch for Melissa!

It’s sad that the newest member of our team is leaving. Goodbyes are always sad but I’m also happy for her because she found a regional role somewhere else and I believe it definitely has more room for growth!

Errrmm.. It was back at NEX for freshness burger! I think I was there almost everyday for the week!

It’s my first visit at freshness burger and thought the burgers looked very interesting and tasted light enough! There were many different interesting burgers but I couldnt try so I had fish burger.

Sharon’s hotdog. She say it tasted good. Mine, I really missed eating hotdogs!

Vege and tofu burger – served with generous bits of avocado! Looks really yummy.. Serene and Xueli had this.

My fish burger! It tasted light and yummy and really nice, but midway through the burger, I bit on my no. 1 hate. Pickles! There were bits all over in the sauce and it triggered a near retching feeling in me which spoiled my entire lunch. Boo!

Melissa with her classic cheeseburger or something. Agnes had the same thing.

I saw all the nice burgers and I think I’ll be back some day to try those burgers served with a pretty sunny side up egg! The egg looks delish – the egg trembles and jigs when you hold the burger. the burger buns were also soft and light, very much like the mos burger type of buns.

We also ordered avocado salad (it’s nice), nuggets, a drumstick of some sort and this other salad. I didn’t eat anything else cos was pretty sick already.

Pictures of the happy us – cam-whoring!

I think its not my imagination! My face has turned rather round! Omg omg! I am so freaking out! =(

We ended lunch with orders from a new bubble tea stall..

My grass jelly milk tea with pearl. Verdict? It’s comparable to koi except that the grass jelly isn’t as soft. The tea isn’t as sweet (comparing a 25% sugar level here to a 0% koi one!) which is great for me! It’s also way cheaper at $2.90. If I were to order the same thing at koi, I think it’ll be $3.80 or $4. I’ll go back there for more drinks in the future.. Not that I will have much chances anyway..

One more month in the countdown.. Or less! Scary to think I’m actually at the end of the journey. Time flies!

Ok. Gotta run for my antenatal class. More entries tonight if I’m not tired. I didn’t really sleep again last night AGAIN! Slept at 11.30pm, woke at 2.45am and didn’t manage to sleep till 7+ and by 9am.. I am wide awake again! I think I could survive the sleepless nights with baby feeding with all these training in the past month!

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