spent the last 2 hrs strolling up and down the narita airport, checking out the stuff and very tempted at the coach store. hee hee.

treated myself to a 15bucks tempura don and one japanese lady sat opposite me to share the seat cos there weren’t anymore seats left in the food court. she thought i was japanese.

she attempted to talk to me, and i almost wanted to reply with my rusty japanese but somehow, i blurted out in english even tho i was thinking of the reply in jap. chatted a while and i really couldn’t understand most bits of her english and so, when her friend came along.. she shifted to another seat and thanked me for sharing. i replied her mata and she realised i could speak a little and she went on to ask if i liked the food.

hee hee. that was a wee bit of fun. im due to board the plane in abt 25mins. the next flight is gonna be torturous and i am hoping that i can sleep all the way throughout. i know it’s quite impossible.. so i have equipped myself with my ipod, 3 books, and 1 sudoku book to keep me amused while i crammed myself in the tiny economy window seat on the airplane.

feeling so thirSty. its so damn annoying that no liquid is allowed on board the plane. ok. gotta slowly stroll myself back to the gate now.. it’s about boarding time and i’m so far away from my gate!

[internet post @ narita airport]

i want to stay in japan and tour around!!