i simply heart my nails now. re-did my gel nails yesterday and i love the alternate white/red polka dots that i saw on the manicurist’s hands..

and i requested the a similar work on my fingers going all red, doing a little cheat since i had my nails cut real short.

my nail bed is quite long, so i asked her to paint the french into the nail bed so when it grows, it still looks good! especially when my nails grow so fast!

i also love the 3-D ribbons on my thumbs and ring fingers. the manicurist thinks im weird to do it on these 2 fingers, she insisted that i should do – thumb, middle and pinky.

and you know, i have a love-hate relationship with gel nails. they are so pretty to look at and so lasting, but it’s an arse trying to soak them off (1 hr) and repainting them again (2.5hrs).

i’m so ready to show off my nails to der tonight!


*screams* my drawer just got jammed and while frantically trying to crank it open by undoing a screw, i chipped the 3D nail art!! *sob*

I am so depressed! STOOOPID DRAWER!

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