But I think it’s worthy of a mention and deserves a post of it on my blog. for remembrance. Heh.

The poor hubby have been tired out by our small little milk monster. Last night, the hubby practically didn’t sleep a wink. He was up and about feeding and changing diapers, and between feeds, was playing on his iPad cos he couldn’t get to sleep! When I woke, he headed home to ran some errands before popping back 2 hrs later, right on cue for jerry’s next feed (it was already 6am) and after we were done and baby is back sleeping, he headed off for work. =(

Naturally, after a long day at work, he konked out before 11 was up. And guess what happened?!

Twice, he ‘woke up’ in a shock, frantically searching for his glasses, put them on.. The first time it happened.. He mentioned something about milk, adjusted his sleeping position and plonked right back into dreamland, leaving me bewildered. And he JUST jolted awake again, put on his glasses.. Threw away the blanket that was covering him like it’s some snake, shouted at me for a tissue (which I promptly gave) and started wiping him body all over (chest & stomach area). Puzzled, I asked if he’s hot and sweaty. He said, milk! Spilled all over!


Me : where got milk?

He : you touch lor!

Ok. Before I got over the episode, he threw the tissue on the floor (!!), put his glasses away and went back to sleep.

He is sleep talking. But, sleep talking with all drama, this is new to me.

And yes, I can’t help but laugh at the hilarity of it. Am so gonna tease him about it tomorrow.

And ahhhh.. This parenting journey is really taking a toil on my hubby. Not easy, I say. I have my own motherhood woes.

Meanwhile, it’s my turn to head to snoozeland. Milk monster will be demanding to be fed in an hr.

good night.

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