I know my melbourne entries are totally random and sporadic, but its really quite tough to squeeze some time to sit in front of my lappie without jerry demanding my attention or jerome crying/fussing, so do bear with me. still have so much more to go.

i didnt have the time to gather my thoughts so this would be a random entry about things in melbourne that i would like to remember about.

mailing out postcards. I would usually buy a postcard of the cities that i go and mail them to my friend sally ever since i found out about her love of postcards many many years back. my postcards travelled to her in singapore, when she was posted to china and now, where she’s residing in switzerland and expecting a baby!

i used to do jumping shots like that wherever i go in the past.. i dont remember doing it lately. being a mum sure toned me down.

the art precinct was around the area and there were works of art scattered over the area.

heading towards crown casino.

my uncle posing with yarra river behind him.

me with the other side of the river

bridges like these give a nice persppective to the picture.

us, posing with a really cool volkswagon beetle

i took a picture of my aunt and uncle and i totally loved it. they blend into the surroundings so well…

the first thing i did after entering the mall was to do some shoe shopping! i left with 2 pairs of heels.

my aunt cam whoring while i was busy trying those shoes.

posing with hugeass lobsters outside some restaurant. hmmm.. why didnt i see these in the aquarium?

me & my shoe buys, while i check out the view from the restaurant we were dining in. I think it was called sante or something.

ending this post with all the night scene images that we took while strolling back to our service apartment on swanston. yes, you heard me right. all the way back to swanston.

and yup, you might have also realised it.. flinders street train station is my favourite building on the streets of melbourne city.

Read about my earlier entries on melbourne here. in the next post, i’ll blog about my last day of the melbourne trip, where we did a road trip on the famous great ocean road. i almost died from all that driving!