im stoned. lethargic. retard.

i cant organise my thoughts to blog a decent entry. not like i churn out many decent entries anyway. hee. i feel like a caveman after having the internet connection down at the office. i cant surf, cant blog, cant msn and feeling every inch of my body not me.

me, being me. decided to do something about the internet connection. and after bugging someone and talking to several people, i got the key to my office’s server room and reset the connection. and im a happy girl afterwards. but but.. it was near knock off time already and i had loads of outstanding emails to clear.. and mad rush to get them done before the clock strike “gogo go ji han” (5.30pm).

finally got my pay check seconds before i left my workplace. i cant tell you how glad i am since it’s already the 4th (4 days overdue), and with the farewell dinner for fred coming up this friday. i really need it badly. was really tired today, and kept dozing off while clearing the paper clutter. not sure why, but i fought the Z monster so hard. i eventually pluck in the ear phones from my ipod and started blasting music away in a bid to stay awake. kinda help a little.

i wanted to blog last nite, but was too tired. i wanted to blog this morning, but no internet connection. i wanted to blog when i woke earlier, but feeling retard. i want to blog the happenings for the past few days now, but i cant think. what is wrong with me?

okie. guess i’ll just ramble off whatever happened and im so sorry if this is such a boring entry.

shuyu asked me out for dinner when she realised i didnt have to attend jap class yesterday. and i decided to join her since i really have nothing on. and turned out, she told pei about it over lunch when pei popped over to collect her passport. and she joined us after her work. i dunno if its the norm or just basic instinct, we decided to ask ivy and wenjing along. ivy popped by and we had dinner at Cafe Cartel! we ranted through the night and had so much fun. ivy’s hubby popped over after his work and he brought along junyu!!! totally unexpected and an impromptu dinner turned out to be a gathering almost at full force. too bad wenjing is sick and wasnt able to join us.

and we were discussing plans of an escapade sometime soon. heh. excited. -adrenaline pumping-

and… pictures for the night. they speak for themselves. getting a little too tedious to put them up like that.. too much work..