i had an extremely short lunch today.

the reasons why i had a short lunch:

1. i am fuming mad and staying in the pantry makes me madder
2. i couldnt eat anything without water. and there’s only newly brewed HOT water available. (actually, there are cold water in the fridge, but i dont know who put it there and how long it has been in there, so i rather NOT have it.)
3. i wanted to blog. not that i have to shorten my lunch just to blog, but blogging is still a valid reason rite?
4. i have tonnes and tonnes of never ending work. everyone seemed to want me to do something and i cant be everywhere at the same time. if only all the different departments will give me a break.

i am like a dead fish these days. i don’t know why i am constantly tired. i woke up at 8.20am today!!! shucks! u guessed it, i was late for work. punched in 34 mins late.

brought mum to eat express tepanyaki at northpoint last nite. gor was home when i called and he came along. the 3 of us chalked up a whopping $43! i almost fainted when i footed the bill. and it was really bad. i would rather have swensens, at least its more enjoyable and almost abt the same price!

anyway, like my brother said, “never again!”.

i knocked out shortly after i reached home. i dont remember what happened, except that i was smsing wei and forgotten that he was in a make-up class. Oopsie!

woke with fish ball eyes, painful like hell and aches all over. it was dreadful. and guess what! i think my ipod is a gone-case! i was trying to upload songs into it for the last few days and it never loads everything in my library each time. weird. it selectively selects some and keep the rest out.

i tried and tried, tried and tried. end up frustrated. keeps telling me that it cannot read from or write to the disk. hurmph! and it’s only abt 3 months old! how how?


there isnt anything to keep me happy for now, and i hate being whiney. i want the happy girl back!

Hmmm.. i just thought of something happy. mr. teo (kelvin) sent me an ipod wrap to the office via snail mail to me! though he only left his initials after a short msg and instructions for use, i know its him cos his handwriting and the way he addressed me (ms. lim). thanks dude! i have been wondering how u have been since u left! it’s really a nice feeling to be thought of and having a gift sent over. it’s a nice gesture, really.

and it reminded me of the stickers/my melody/toys/soap flakes pack that princessping sent over some months back! heh. so sweet rite?

oh, and some news to update.

1. meiting’s wedding is upcoming on 4th of Dec. Those invited will receive an sms (to get your address) and an invitation to a malay wedding. don’t freak out or throw away invitation card cos meiting’s name will nowhere be seen. instead, her malay name esrul natasha hong (i hope i spelt it right!) will be shown.

2. pei announced that she wants to go karaoke more often! it’s such a rare thing to have that come for her, so its NEWS.

3. im heading for snooker for allan tonight! this is an extremely rare guest cos i get to play with him only when he’s back from UK. gawd. i remembered blogging abt sending him off eons ago, but i cant find the blog entry. he’s been gone for a long long time and enjoying blissful life with daisie. hee. excited abt finally meeting them after having daisie on singapore soil for the last 10 days?

okie okie. got to go.

michie, just dropping a msg here to say.. i MISS msning you!! 😛