i think SHE is super insensitive.

as usual, i had my lunch in my pantry. cooked korean instant noodles topped off with succulent prawns, leafy vegetables, some pork and an egg. just when im busy preparing my fare, i got a call from wei.

he told me our friend Patrick (more of his friend than mine actually) jumped off his flat this morning. no one seemed to know what is wrong. his colleague remarked that it might be due to stress. he stayed on the 21st level. just weeks back, he had just passed his driving license and was talking abt buying a car.

my poor wei is crushed. i am sad. we used to hang out playing mahjong at his place some years back. i still remembered the studio shot he had hanging on his room wall, beaming brightly in his graduation gown. the same photo got shifted from his old flat in towner to his current place. i didnt know what to say to wei. after much silence, i only told him to be strong and told him to call me if there’s anything.

while eating my noodles.. one of my colleagues was talking abt old people dying and stuff like that. i told them the story i just heard from wei. and SHE made a super insensitive comment straight in my face.

“aiyo, wei sheng me you ren na me ben de!” (loosely translated as, why are there such stupid people?)

what do you mean by STUPID?!?! Hello! my friend is dead and you are telling me he’s stupid!?! if you have nothing better to say, JUST SHUT UP! i think you will be better off keeping ur STUPID comments to yourself.

i am so upset! my other colleague rebuked her before i could shout, definitely in a much nicer manner than me if i were to rebuke her myself. isnt it frustrating to deal with people like that?

anyway, it’s a sad loss and i know it’s gonna affect wei loads. it’s weird why people seemed happy one day and dead the next. life is vulnerable. personally, i feel everything is pre-planned before us. if u are fated to go, you have to go. sometimes, life presents obstacles for us to cross. if we are determined and strong enough, we’ll emerge stronger. if we cannot face the task at hand, it’s just meant to be.

this is part of the reason why i am not “pang dang” (superstitious) at all. i truely believe when our time is up, we cannot do anything to stop it.