My boy sleep talks quite a bit everyday, and being the light sleeper that I am.. Sometimes, I wake, only to realize he is sleeping..

The conversations can vary to really weird things and the best part is, if I ask a question.. He will still answer me in his sleep. The following convo just happened in the dark (I woke to pee and can’t sleep after) while I was playing with my mobile phone.

Der: hey, go move the car to the side.
Me: huh?! Why should I move the car?
Der: you are blocking someone in the multi-storey carpark.
Me: *giggles*

Sometimes, it’s about girls (his colleagues), shoes, his work, random conversation with his co-workers and also, me included. It’s really hilarious and some of the answers just drives me to a fit. You know, I thought sleep talking is rather common, but being able to answer a question in your sleep? That’s quite a novelty to me when I realized it can be done. And I always make sure i ask the boy a few questions to determine what situation he’s in and who he is with.

So far, I’m glad to report that nothing suspicious! Of cos, the boy always wake up insisting that the conversations never happened! Haha!

Sometimes, when I remember the conversations, I’ll tell him about it the next day and we always end up laughing.

Do you know of someone who answers you in their sleep too? Is it common? I guess it’s their sub conscious mind being awake to be able to answer the questions.

Well, the other bit that drives me nuts is his teeth grinding! It so loud and actually wakes me from my sleep! The boy got a teeth guard from the dentist, but hardly wears it cos it’s uncomfortable. I can understand since I used to wear braces and throw out my retainers post braces because I can’t sleep with them on! Sadly, there isn’t a cure for it and there’s no one reason why it happens to people though it could be contributed by stress.

I battle against the teeth grinding with my hand. I hold the boy’s jaw in place when it happens and he’ll stop. Do you have any other methods to stop it? Share with me!

Can you tell just how much I’m yearning to sleep right this moment?

*yawns but mind is wide awake*

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