Hi hi. After a bad night last night and a near amazing race situation, we are still in rome and will be till tomorrow morning. Totally screwed our plans and 2 nights of paris hotel. All because…

We attempted to change flights, run to catch the last 13hr train ride to paris instead of flying, switch to an international airlines by paying up to 15 times the price, fly to berlin and take a 4hr train into paris….. And was really frustrated to be pushed from easyjet ticket counter and ryanair sales counter to the information coumter and i think we queued at least 10 times between the 3. I really thought it was crap that we were being pushed around – you need to speak to my colleague on this (the colleague was right next to her) and i had to exit the queue and join the next, only to be told the same bloody thing.

In the end, we sat deflatted at the airport and took the only cost effective option. Sit out and wait for the strike to end and fly out on the first available flight for 2 which is likely to be sat morning and accept the overnight assistance for 2 nights.

But the overnight assistance for 2 nights were in different hotel. Another crap. And at totally different ends of rome.

So last night we spent it in holiday inn, which was okie but no internet.

Today, we checked out and sat 1.5hr in the cab and horrible traffic to arrive in another foreign part of rome.

Blah. Internet is payable we found it free in the restaurant where we were served lunch.

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