To kill the boredom and get my mind off things (think pain), I attempt to give myself a to-do list each day, be it improving the current situation that I am in (think room cleaning, toilet scrubbing, rearranging of furniture) or simply something out of the norm, like the recent BBQ and yesterday, I baked!

Nice, cute, yummy blueberry muffins.

Never mind that it was from a pre-mix and relatively simple and fuss free. The best bit was I had fun, kept myself occupied though I had the queen bee (mum) hovering over me in her territory (kitchen), issuing unnecessary instructions and trying to mess with my baking and my methods of doing what I am doing. Oh, sounds familiar to you? I wonder into the future and ponder if I’ll do the same to my kid in 20 years time. I guess, it’s hard to ‘let go’ sometimes, besides.. I think she was pretty bored at home as well!

Thank goodness for her cos the oven was small and the baking time took longer than expected so she actually helped looked after my 2nd batch of muffins in the oven while I had the time to run off to the bathroom and prepare for my dinner appointment… Else, I would be v v late!

The ‘project’ on hand. Its been ages since I last baked this. I fondly remembered the days when I was a young kiddo and my uncle (living in the states) would buy all these muffins/pancakes premix for my brother and me while we spent our holidays baking away. Very fun, and it was the days before these type of merchandise even hit Singapore (think at least 20 years back).

Canned blueberries that came with it, simply rinse and set aside.

Muffin mix in mixing bowl.

Added 3/4 cup of milk! When I read the instructions, I went.. Huh?! What cup? That’s when my mum gave me the measuring cup and say, use this! Haha.. If not, I would have used any other cup and based it on ‘agar-ration’ or guesswork.

1/4 cup of vegetable cooking oil added. I shudder to think about the ‘fats’ content, but I guess when it comes to baking, it is necessary..

Getting 2 eggs ready, I beat them up a little before adding to the mixture.

Eggs added and now ready for the big mix! Watch how the batter evolves..

Nice and smooth looking.. Adding the blueberries next!

Slowly stir in the blueberries.. I love how the colour changes!

Done! I got the baking trays and muffins cups ready earlier, so it’s just scoop scoop and scoop (into the muffin cups).

Tadah! Ready to bake! I actually made 20+ muffins in all, so there were more than 3 trays of it..

Into the oven they go!

Puffing up and ‘browning’.. Mega excitement, but I could help but realized that I might have spoon too much of the mixture into each muffin cup.. Some are ‘spilling’ and becoming Siamese twins with it’s neighbour..

The end products! Ate one for tasting and it’s yummy! Haha, how wrong can a premixed get?! So pop, in goes the 2nd batch into the oven..

This was much better, I spaced then out so the Siamese twins don’t happen again and they came out beautiful! I packed 8 to share with my dinner pals, and left the rest at home for hubby. My love muffins!

When I got home, he had a few and said it was yummy! Then, came the question – you baked this meh?! Don’t bluff!!! -_-”

Shows how much trust my hubby has in me. Wah liew.. My heart was shattered into a million, trillion pieces. =/

I had to show him the pictures as proof!

My brother ate a few and he said it tasted good too! He didn’t know I used the premix, but the moment he sank his teeth into one of them, he said.. Taste good, obviously it would taste good! You used the premix!!

See? That’s the impact of childhood memories. He can actually remember the taste of it even though the last time we did it, it was 20 years ago. But he was rather mean, he went into the kitchen, found the box and waved it in my face… Then promptly asked me, where did you buy this and how much you paid?!

I just smiled away.. Glad my little project went well, and I wanted to ask the hubby to bring and share with his colleagues at work the next day, only to find.. There’s only 5 left!! not enough to go around! Oh wells, another time then..

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