my life has taken a dip recently. suddenly, it’s filled with void. compared to the past when i had to attend jap class, yoga classes and packed the rest of the days with dinner dates and activities, i come home everyday before 6pm and kinda have too much time on my hands.

but weirdly enough, i still dont find a lot of time to blog more often, at home that is. and actually, i dont have much to blog about either. i have been procrastinating abt selling my huge collection of bags. and im just pure lazy to snap pictures of them and put them up.

i havent been practising my jap either. which is really bad. i also stopped watching japanese anime recently. so just what am i busy about? Hmm..

a thousand things on my to-do list and i’m only fulfilling one of them. the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow.. it will all be the same. 🙂

i havent been to the movies for a long time. wei’s so busy and i really miss our once a week movie schedule. there are so many shows i want to watch. 40 year old virgin, flight plan, deuce bigalow, corpse bride.. but none checked off as yet. *pouts*

since my disappointed post abt wei [see locked entry], i certainly see a positive change in him. i wonder if it’s the guilt he had or that he knew i was utterly upset. he’s been calling me more often, asking me out for impromptu dinners and paying more attention to me. and things just look brighter these days.

guess what? i’m gonna meet my new lj friends piggy_pat79 and lilsnooze for dinner next week! unpolished_gem is joining us too! how exciting. after a long discussion among the 4 of us via almost instantaneous flying emails, we settled for thursday, right after piggy_pat79‘s business trip. i cant conceal my excitement. 🙂

okie. im popping back to my room. good night friends.

oh oh.. special thanks to meinu_yihui!! you know what im talking about! really appreciate the thought! date me for dinner soon!