it’s funny how i always talk about heading out and getting outta the house, but now that wei’s gonna bring me out in under an hr.. i am not too excited.

in the past, my closer friends would be able to relate to the situation that i always complain abt my big muscular (fat) legs. and that the fact that i am not able to fit into jeans my waist size because of my thighs.

ever since the bandage’s been off and that swell on the whole leg has gone down to only the knee area, i have realised my right leg is a lot skinner than my left. sure it looks pretty and slimmer, and makes me look taller, but its nothing but a really sad thing. the muscles has shrivelled and lost it’s strength and it’s extremely scary to look at it as compared to the left.

it doesnt make me any happier when i tried to do strengthening exercise and find the entire leg twitching due to the lack of strength. demoralising eh.

now, i just hope i get my fat leg back.

ok, i gotta go get ready for the outing.