i really should have known better. after all, i organized that many events in my job but i didn’t do any prep work for the full month party until it was wayyyyyyy too late.


ok. it was also coupled with the fact that it was major adjustment on my end with my new role as a mother grappling on all baby-related issues, rolled together with all-time fatigue that i am feeling. man, it’s exhausting.

besides, the man aint helping. he left everything to my device, didn’t help source or suggest anything at all (other than to provide the defacto venue suggestion) and didn’t give much comments even when presented with options. argh. i need someone to do this WITH me. i sometimes do wonder where his priorities are. it’s not me, for sure.

i only started 1.5weeks into motherhood. planning for the full month party, that is. but it has already proved very very late, with my long list of venues wish-list all booked up already. well, i should have gotten my arse moving when i had thrown suggestions on where to hold the full month party when i was still preggers, but how would i know WHEN the baby would pop? i wanted an aircon venue so that the guests would feel more comfortable in this sweltering heat.

after getting many “sorry, its already booked by someone else” replies on the phone, many emails replies with “sorry, its no longer available” and some non response from venue vendors.. i only had ONE choice left. pretty much a no brainer. i just hope the food is good!

am in the midst of sending out the invitations, unfortunately, it is going to be a rather small affair with the closer friends and relatives. i hope everything falls into place nicely. deposit paid and the party’s next week!

and so, am blogging this down to remind myself that next time (if there is one) that i should really plan an estimated date and get down to doing prepping everything the day the baby is born (while i still have time to while away in the hospital).


Oh! i promised some friends that i’ll get down to think of a “wish-list” for Jerry, since they all wanted to get me something useful. besides, i think i was over zealous in getting everything prepped for jerry before his arrival that i seemed to have everything i need (and more!!). some gifts that i have received thus far are duplicates and duplicates (of what i already owned and what someone else has already gifted).

so, here’s the “wish-list”..

(1) baby monitor with video. this would prove very useful for my mum when i get back to work. she can monitor the jerry while he sleeps in the cot and go about doing her chores around the house, and HEAR/SEE him while at it.

(2) car seat protector. this is more of a “want” than a “need”. this is the protective lining that lines the car seat/cushion before the baby car seat is being placed on top. just thought its a useful thing to have, but then again.. the car’s not mine and the hubby doesn’t really bother! heh.

(3) Baby Bjorn carrier bib. its the bib, not the carrier! to be used in conjunction with my baby bjorn synergy carrier (the hubby decided that this is more “man” than the pupsilk baby sling that i got!). figured its easier and more convenient to wash the bib often and keep it clean for baby rather than to wash the entire carrier frequently. definitely useful for the drool-worthy moments jerry has in the future!

(4) cloth diapers. specifically the Moo Moo Kow one size aplix diaper, or Bummis’ Super brite wraps/super whisper wraps/original wraps/Totsbot easyfit one size cloth diaper. am using the moo moo kows now and they are great and never leaks! but i need more to rotate around the frequent diaper changing (when it get stains) and after baths.

(5) medela calma teat/feeding device. imo, this is a great product because unlike all other bottle teats, this dispenses the milk from the bottle only when the baby sucks (maintains the natural feeding behaviour that baby learns from the breast), and the amount is dispensed based on how much the baby sucks. its zero leakage because the milk will never flow out on its own. it’s really cool, because even when i turn the bottle upside down, the milk still stays in the bottle and not a single drip drops!

(6) playmats. for the little tot to crawl around on the ground, when he eventually gets to crawl.

(7) bumbo baby seat. I have heard and read rave reviews on this, on helping the baby sit up with back support… but I also have read about its potential hazard (of babies arching their backs and falling out) and that it might not fit the baby since its one size fits all. so am a little torn on whether this is actually useful?

when all else fails, you can always get us the milk bags for storage of expressed breast milk (actually, i have about 15 boxes coming my way, but i guess its hardly enough. IF i manage to achieve my goal of expressing the breast milk for a minimum of 1 year. *keeping fingers crossed*

meanwhile, here are also some no-nos, simply because i don’t need/use them, or that i already have a lot of them lying around already!

(1) milk bottles/teats – medela, avents, playtex, tommee tippees & others.. i got more than 30 of them (*gasps*) of various sizes lying around in the house. unfortunately, jerry only has got 1 mouth so thanks, but no thanks!

(2) pacificers – ok. i am not going to start him on it (everyone has their own views and this is mine) so i dont need it. anyway, i already have a couple gifted to me, so yeah.. if i really need it some day, i already have it waiting in the cupboard.

(3) Disposable diapers – while i think diaper cakes are a great gift and pretty little things, i prefer to save the environment and use the cloth version instead. 🙂

ok. the rest of the stuff like baby slings/carriers, bottle warmers/sterilizers, storage bags, diaper bags.. i have got them all.

i hope this list helps (to those that have requested for it!).

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