the bestie’s family and us headed out to jacob ballas children garden on friday morning for some water play. the last time the 2 kids met, jerry was still very young! we wanted to hang out at the sand pit first but jerry was immediately attracted by the sprays of water a distance away and ran towards the water to play!


it was before i could even settle down (i.e. find a shady spot) and *poof* he was gone along with estelle’s plates and with daddy chasing after him.

this kid, he really loves playing with water.

filled with smiles..

it was extremely tough to capture adequate pictures of him cos he was so excited and running about non-stop.. i was trying to snap pictures while chasing after him and avoiding tbe splashes of water from the other kids and their water guns.

scooping water out from someone’s bucket.. heh. the girl wasnt really amused. haha.

i took some polariods, some of which over exposed because i forgot to change the settings as the cloudy/gloomy sky suddenly cleared up.

and some more random shots taken by the husband while i chill on the bench with jerome. jerome slept through the entire visit, waking only once for milk!

totally forgot to take pictures with the 2 kiddos and the only ones i have are those above.


we ended the afternoon with some pizza and ice cream from ben & jerry’s while my kids napped.

estelle was wide awake though!


i guess the kids had loads of fun. we should do this more often!