literally. check out jerry’s damn high face. and ignore that huge bruise because he fell face down from the sofa couple of days ago.


p.s. the picture above is a case of bad timing.

my little brave trooper has been really brave, taking in all the nebulizing sessions in his stride every 2hrly. ok. except the first one in the morning when he was really sick and cranky. he probably realise the good of it thereafter.


Meanwhile, it seems like baby is on the mend while mummy here is suffering from intense sleep deprivation and I’m currently on watch over duty tonight (or yesterday since I wrote the post halfway and knocked out).

knocking out for his nap this afternoon on my bed.

unglam sleeping picture.

chilling around with mummy. ermm. you can ignore my leopard preens hello kitty hp cover in the background..

waiting around for his medicine.


he got super cranky in the afternoon so I put on his shoes and let him loose..

he ran up and down the long corridor and made 2 female friends.

with his cute playdate, Chloe at the hospital. Chloe was really cute and they both were checking each other out for the longest time! we adults were all pretty amused.

I had a really bad night last night. felt like I had a new born all over again. nevermind that. it wasn’t that bad until jerry decided that 430am was his wake up time and attempted to scream the room down which got me rather frantic cos there was another young boy in the room.

had to bring him out to the corridor area where he charmed all the nurses and followed them on their rounds like an intern.


at 6am, he is still running about but I was exhausted from chasing him down and the lack of sleep. in a split second while I wasn’t looking, he feel backwards and his head landed on the ground with a loud thud. I freaked out and wondered if he was ok. the nurses freaked out too..


a breakfast and a vomit after, and a doctor’s check.. we are now down to 4hrly nebulizing schedule this afternoon, monitoring for pupils dilation, vomitting and lethargy that could potentially be caused from the impact of the fall.


meanwhile, I think I am the one suffering pupil dilation, lethargy and am in a daze because the husband didn’t hear his alarm this morning and didn’t come relieve me till the afternoon.


I am so zombified.


I hope he can discharge tomorrow. the doc did say he might need to stay another day, conditions dependent.


I’m keeping my fingers very very crossed.


the husband flies tomorrow afternoon for a week.