Joel and Jerome shared the same edd date. Yh and me were still joking about sharing a double room and playing mahjong cards together if we were to bomb on the same day. heh.


Jerome came earlier than expected at wk 37 & 4 days. Joel decided that he too, wants to join in the fun and popped out 2 days later, the day that I was to be discharged. I got a SMS from yh about her contractions at night when I was going to bed and I told her to monitor. I woke up at 6am and saw her text about her admitting and being in the labour ward. I popped downstairs to check her out and the nurses there was like.. didn’t you just give birth the other day?! and proceeded to chase me back to my ward as the docs are due for their rounds. she gave birth that very afternoon.


a month later, our kids had their full month party on the same weekend. joel had his on sunday afternoon at downtown east. the husb & me havent been there for many moons and the place has changed so much!

us, and our babies – Joel & Jerome. my babies always look smaller than others! lol.

group photo taken together with qunyu, munic, der and jerry.

i plonked the 2 babies together and attempted some pictures.

they look like they are doing some synchronized dance here. i didnt manage mamy pictures. jerry was really hyper running around and we were madly chasing him down. it was pretty chaotic and with jerome, a diaper bag and a stroller, we pretty much had our hands full.

jerry was so hyper, he caught the photographer’s attention who snapped this picture of him wriggling out of der’s arms and eventually flipped upside down to attempt to get out! its tough work bringing 2 kids out, or rather, its getting increasingly difficult to manage my hyper jerry.

happy one month, joel! hope you’ll grow up healthy and be best buds with jerome!