and hopefully, i don’t jinx it by blogging this down.

thank you all for the advice and help that came pouring in by the torrents after my last entry, be it on lj or on facebook. wah! suddenly feel very loved and cared for. thank you all for making my day a better one and taking my mind off things (to reply your comments!).

for the record, i have also taken to drawing a lot of lines and columns in my daily recording book for jerry on his feeds, pees, poos, and my milk production to ease my stress levels. they say, doing simple, easy and no brainer stuff helps relieve stress. so wow, many pages of lines that i have drawn!

meanwhile, the prince has fallen asleep after a battle with my mum. my mum won and had a huge bean bag and a pillow to keep the baby in position and he has since woken up at 7pm for a feed and went back to sleep without fuss. i have also shifted him to the living room (he seemed to be sleeping better there despite the heat!) to ease myself of some personal space in my room.

YAY! my baby is finally back, after like almost 22 hours of hell.

now, my (peaceful) life continues.

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