the law of imitation says do whatever you want your kid to follow.


tonight, I wanted to brush his teeth but he didn’t allow me.. I end up holding a toothbrush myself and got him to anyhow scrub his teeth with his toothbrush.

except that when it comes to an super active baby, he was running all over with the toothbrush, I was pretty freaked out that he might fall and injure his throat! other than that, he went on with the toothbrush for the longest time, both my mum and me couldnt pry the toothbrush away without a major meltdown.




I’m pretty amazed and impressed with their observation skills. earlier in the night, I accidentally caught jerry attempting to charge my phone! something that I do every night before I head to bed..

am very very amused. of cos he didn’t succeed but the idea/intention was there.


today he also waved bye bye at the phone when I was chatting with hubby and ending the call and when I brought him into the room to sleep.. he blew a flying kiss at my mum who is still outside.


gosh. why do babies grow up so fast? they really absorb things like a sponge!