Love this picture of my boys, snoozing on a Saturday morning.

Dim sum high tea buffet at goodwood park (again). It seems like THE place of the month for me. Been there so many times, but the buffet was good, and the key highlight was mini abalone siew mai. I forgot to take a picture!! And when I remembered, it was never refilled anymore. Bummer! And of cos, the yummy durian pudding which each of us had a serving each. If only, the durian pudding was buffet style!

Lugged home a whole loaf of durian strudel.. And was gone before midnight was up, despite being so so full from the buffet. Durian monsters we all are. My brother’s missing the mao shan power puff badly. Heh.

Grocery shopping at meidiya liang court while the boy picked up his usual magazine subscriptions from kino. Lovely and simple Saturday, marked by a surprise guest! My uncle popped by from KL to visit his friend who is in hospital.

Sunday? I spent the entire day between snoozing and eating. This baby business is tiring!

Am waiting for der to come back with bubble tea! Sent him out to get me some.. Been craving for it since this morning.. And I feel so loved when he gamely took my order and popped put to buy! Love my hubby! Heh heh.

Bubble tea makes me a happy girl these days.

Now, if only the transformer movie wasn’t that packed. I wanna watch it real bad.

So, how was your weekend? Hope its good!

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