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Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House

By |July 24th, 2013|

Post lunch on the first day of our trip, we took a slow stroll around the rocks & circular quay area, just to soak in the sights. The entire place is so lovely and i totally love the magnificent, clear blue sky that day.

peeking on the harbour bridge from the rocks area.

i shot andy while he attempts to capture the bridge on my lens.

the opera house.

selfie of the 3 of us. but totally over exposed shot that the opera house went missing.

a nice shot of us three with the bridge.

watching the people moving along slowly up in the bridge doing the bridge climb like some tiny ants

we strolled around the entire area and just chilling, and chatting, enjoying the great weather and watching the people all around us. […]

Visiting Sydney – Our arrival!

By |July 20th, 2013|

We arrived in sydney this morning! We are pretty hyped about visiting Sydney but we both were pretty much like zombies upon arrival because instead of sleeping on the flight (which in itself was tough), we watched movies, had supper, chatted non stop and i read on my kindle (ah, bliss!) and ended up catching only 1.5hrs of sleep. or less.

when we finally landed, we took a while to orientate ourselves, get our data sim (Optus offers unlimited data, voice calls and smses for just $2/day), and hopped onto a train to andy’s apartment. that’s us waiting for a train in central station, by the way.

the trains are very interesting! it’s double-decked. and some of them have seats that you could totally change the direction that you are facing so that you are always facing the direction of travel, or change […]

Vacation to Sydney!

By |July 19th, 2013|

photo credit
I am finally going for my vacation to Sydney! the thing i hate most about vacations, is the wait. the wait for the date where you set off for the trip! and today, i will jet off to sydney! like finally! (i booked the tickets in march!)

and yup, i didn’t really research intensively but i’ll be doing all the city sights – harbour bridge, the rocks, the maritime museum, aquarium, the wild life zoo and maybe the taronga zoo. I definitely want to attempt scaling the harbour bridge (it’s a dream of mine, or make that the bucket list) and check out cool places like surry hills, the markets (ohhh, i love markets!) and load up a year’s worth of fresh oysters. I really, really love my oysters.

I also have a long, long list of eats that i want to go check out, so […]

life is pretty much about packing.

By |July 18th, 2013|

life these days is pretty much all about packing.


all the boys are asleep right now. I am
pretty much as tired as they are and very sleepy but my mind is racing, checking off all the to-do list and trying to pack.


pack up my life. heh.



some of my bags, all going into carton boxes for the husb to bring over to the new nest. while I’m away, he could slowly bring my stuff over bit by bit so I am trying to be productive and pack in whatever I think he can bring over first.


and speaking about me being away, its less than 48hours now and I am also desperately trying to pack my luggage.

think I am about 70% packed. the rest of the stuff will be in last min on Friday – all the gadget chargers, breast pumps, cameras, and […]

Holidaying in Sydney.

By |April 17th, 2013|

Wheeeeeeee! I’m going holidaying in Sydney!¬†this just got to be the highlight of my mundane day, and year in terms of holidays.

just booked myself and a girlfriend on a flight to sydney in late july! It’s been a while since i went holidaying alone, sans kids!

life is good when you have something exciting to look forward to!

p.s. i am hoping der can cope with both kids while i’m gone. else, i guess it’ll be pretty good training for him too! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesnt have to go on any biz trips while im away.

  • Sharks at melbourne aquarium
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    Day 4: Visiting the Melbourne Aquarium. [warning! pictures intensive]

Day 4: Visiting the Melbourne Aquarium. [warning! pictures intensive]

By |March 29th, 2013|

i have a love for marine life. my mum used to spend all day watching the fishes in our home aquarium when i was a kid because observing them has a calming effect and i totally agree. i remember i used to like going to changi airport as a kid and watch all the fishes in the huge aquariums for hours and hours at the arrival halls. while the aquariums have long been gone, but i do have very fond memories of them up till today and i’m sure many of you would agree with me.

so, as i grew older and started to travel, i would often visit aquariums if there is one within the area. so far, i have been to our own underwater world in sentosa, sea world in san diego and orlando, seattle aquarium, and HK’s ocean park and when i was in melbourne, there is […]

  • My Melbourne vacation - spotting a horse carriage on the Melbourne streets!
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    Outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. [warning: pictures intensive]

Outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. [warning: pictures intensive]

By |March 28th, 2013|

This is an outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. a group chat with some of the yummy mummy bloggers triggered this entry about melbourne. i am soooo bad with my travelogues because i never get round to finishing them!

in a flash, its been 4.5 years since i last went australia, and it sure didnt seem that long ago. it was a last minute trip that i pulled off in less than a week and it was before i started on my current job. I cannot remember the vivid details to continue documenting my melbourne travelogue but i am just gonna show some nice pictures about the places i visited, and whatever else details that i can recall.

horse carriages on the roads. they somehow give off a medieval feel, which is what i really liked about the whole place!
and what’s a visit to melbourne without checking out […]

hong kong vacation day 5 – last day!

By |November 9th, 2012|

Day 5 of our Hong Kong vacation.

when we got back after a long day of shopping, I was a tad disappointed that I didn’t manage to eat the seafood I wanted to. the main deterrent was the distance because its so out of the way and required either to take a bus/ferry and I decided I wasn’t brave enough to do it. Der already had a hard time carrying baby + stroller up and down the steps in mtr through the days we were there so I wasn’t gungho enough to go.


so I had a plan. to head back to hing kee for more seafood, but without having to handle the bub. we got back to hotel, and put him into bed. he was hyper and by the time he knocked out, it was close to midnight. the hubby also fell asleep and I had to wake him for […]

Hong Kong vacation day 4 – Tim Ho Wan

By |November 8th, 2012|

On day 4 of our Hong Kong vacation, the highlight is dining in the famed Tim Ho Wan!

it was our last full day in hk, but we didn’t exactly have much that we really wanted to do, so we went to try our luck at tim ho wan again for dim sum.

my ootd, feel like a sloppy auntie though! necklace from h&m, asos maternity top, Casio watch, demin bag from tough, demin rights from forever 21 and Tory Burch flip flops.

door front of tim ho wan, filled with media articles and food recommendations.


shop 8, taui Yuen mansion,
phase 2, 2-20 kwong wa street
mongkok, kowloon

our order chit, with queue no 43 at top right of chit. we arrived when they were serving no 19, and we waited for 1.5hrs before it was our turn. my tip is, go in […]

  • Visitng HK disneyland!
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    Jerry’s 1st Hong Kong Disneyland adventure – Day 3 of our HK vacation

Jerry’s 1st Hong Kong Disneyland adventure – Day 3 of our HK vacation

By |November 3rd, 2012|

We trooped off to Hong Kong Disneyland on Day 3 of our hong kong vacation! Technically, it’s Jerry’s 2nd time at Disneyland cos he was in my tummy when I was in Paris Disneyland.

on the train to Disney.

with mummy.

gripping on tightly to the handles..

arriving in disneyland hk.


although the bub would probably not remember much about this trip, we still decided to make the trip there. since it is the week leading up to Halloween, the park is themed that way and even have special extended hours on 2 of the days till 11pm. we didn’t visit during the days with extended hours mostly to avoid the crowd and also because jerry wouldnt be able to appreciate and partake in the halloween activities at the park.

the signature surfer mickey before the entrance..

and […]