It’s the husband birthday today.. But I haven’t prep any present at all. I have been too caught up in the flurry of the festivities and then suddenly, the date dawned on me and I haven’t had the time to get away for some lone shopping, especially with me still limping away.

I got up early this morning and got the baby to cooperate with me!

Tied a ribbon around him and presented it to the husband. Heh. I reckon he is the best present, no?

Managed to take pictures of my baby smiling back at me in my camera for these shots.


Happy birthday darling. May you have a blessed birthday ahead ahead. We love you. Presents or not, we are still a happy family right? *wink*

Side note: do you think my jerry looks like da chang jin with that ribbon? Or ok, maybe not da chang jin. Maybe the Korean attire only.

It’s the weekend! I can’t wait to get out and about! Hope you’ll have as much fun as me!

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