sunday started for me way before the sun was up. at 5am, i was staring into the ceiling of my room and hearing the household stirring and my mum knocking on my door at 5.30am.

we planned a visit to my grandpa’s house (yes, again!) since last week when mum and brother was there, grandpa had an accident with the new car. i guess the change from some 70+ years of driving a manual car makes it hard to change his driving habits to adapt to an auto car.

while a brand new car was crashed, we were more concerned with grandpa so we decided to visit again to provide him with some company.

since i had motion sickness sitting in my brother’s car and since we were also going to pick my uncle up to go along with us, we drove 2 cars up instead of the usual 1. mainly to enjoy more comfort (as compared to all squeezing in a car) and preventing a grouchy, pukey me. and i was the driver this time round while der lies down in comfort hugging the silly babies.

guess this was one of the better trips because..

1. i spent more time downstairs talking to grandma and attempting to lure grandpa to play chinese chess with me.
2. for once, no one had computers (except uncle) so it was more communication with each other.
3. der and me spent some quality time pitting our skills in chinese chess. surprisingly i won twice when i usually lose. haha. i guess its because im at home ground (where i learnt to play the game with grandpa)
4. i played chinese chess with gor as well. when was the last time that happened? maybe 15 years ago?
5. the whole family headed out to the nearby town (kluang) for a nice sumptuous lunch (wah! usually do this only on occasions) and i think it’s because there were enough cars to fetch people around. even the maid went on a spin.

steamed fish, pork knuckle, braised pork ribs and ‘ou ni’ (yam paste). yums!

so i am happy with myself for making the trip and very thankful for der to be willing to tag along (seriously, its quite a boring place to be in and the journey is not short either).

i brought der to go check out the newly erected shopping mall and the excited boy was sorely disappointed. in his own words…

i am itching to spend some money but i cannot even find a single thing to buy…

so much so he insisted on buying me a rubbermaid water bottle even when i had the exact same thing at home but in a bigger size. he thought i was pulling his leg about having it but because i really have the bottle, i made him put it back.

we dozed off when we got back into the house for an hour and half before we packed our stuff and prepare to head home. gawd. i was so tired out, i went to take a cold shower in preparation for the long drive but der said he was awake and offered to drive back..

the funny thing was, we went in 2 cars and came back in 3. after rounds of planning and discussion, we finally decided to drive ah gong’s car back to JB for repairs so that no one would know/find out about the accident when everyone turns up in the house 2 weeks later.

oh. except those who could potentially be reading my blog. and errr, of cos.. those who already knew are not the ones to keep the secret from.

der decided to end our sunday with another movie – angels and demons. yes. i am watching it for the 2nd time. these days i have been watching movie twice a lot, like the other day i watched fast and furious twice. now, it’s angels and demons. but i didn’t really enjoy the movie the 2nd time because i was so tired.. der liked it though, so it was worth my effort.

and ya, that’s my whole weekend that went by in a flash.

ok. bedtime. been yawning for the past 2 hours. good night.

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