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south africa

my impression of south africa

By |October 12th, 2009|

you know, the sights and colors are just amazing about south africa. the colors of the sky, the plains, the mountains..

the skies are ‘bluer’, the trees, plains and shrubs appears in an amazing spectrum of colors, the stars at night (sorry, i have no pictures for this) are so beautiful. and yes, when the say the stars in africa shine brighter, it really does feel so!

this entry is not going to document my journey, but to share some of the amazing landscape colors of the country. i do have some issues (hard disk and memory limitations) right this moment, so I have to find a way to convert all those RAW files into jpeg so that I can upload them. in the meanwhile, here’s some colors of nature from my lens.

pardon the big pictures. small pictures don’t do them justice.

these pictures are taken on the journey from […]

[26 Sep 2009] Day 1 in South Africa.

By |October 9th, 2009|

This had to be one of the most tiring day of my life. Having worked a full day at work, heading to the airport at 11pm and jetting off at 2am in the morning, 10 hours of flight time, and I started my day at 7am on a Saturday morning in South Africa. My day didn’t end till 1am (SA time) or 7am (Singapore time – Sunday).

My first impression? This place looks pretty much like the U.S, say 10 years ago?

I landed with my uncle and we pretty much took our own sweet time exploring the airport, getting a prepaid phone line and data packs, and hunted around for the shuttle bus to the hotel. It was pretty easy, and there were a whole bunch of enthusiastic porters and ‘porter-wannabes’ helping you around and expecting a tip.

The funny thing was, we didn’t get onto the shuttle […]

The journey to Africa

By |October 8th, 2009|

11 days, 6 flights, 5 different airports and 8 passport stamps later, here I am back in Singapore.

and gone through a long day at that.

touched down this morning at about 5.30am, did some duty free shopping and headed home at 6+. Unpacked, bathed and headed for work. so imagine surviving the past 36hrs with just less than 2 hours sleep on board the plane.

Here’s the rough gist of where I went:
Singapore > Johannesburg > land transfer to Nelsprit/Kruger National Park > Johannesburg > Zimbabwe > land transfer to Zambia > Johannesburg > Cape Town > Singapore

quite a bit of travelling for a 11 days trip huh?


and can i just say today is such a bad day?

i was trying to clear my email and my outlook crashed. the folder got corrupted and I lost all my emails. Hmmm.. good news or bad?

i decided to take a cab home […]


By |October 3rd, 2009|

the sun just set at where i am, but it’s way past midnight now in singapore. had a tiring and adventurous day, but would love more of such stuff if i had the moolah and the luxury of time.

holidaying sure makes time pass really fast. it’s like… what?! i have been away for 8 days already?

where did all that time slip to?

i know i should be soaking up more in the sunset, the waterfalls, enjoying the hotel room, snuggling myself up in the comfortable beds or out ‘hunting’ the animals and take more pictures.

instead, here i sit in front of the terminal and read up on the last 100+ blog posts of my friends. it’s called internet withdrawal syndrome.

the interesting thing today? i almost got kicked by the zebra’s hoof because i stretched my hand out and pretended to ‘touch’ it while posing for a picture. the tail whipped […]

sitting around in the sun

By |October 2nd, 2009|

the sun is finally out. have been experiencing many days of cold weather which is a tad unusual at this time of the year.

oh wells. not complaining since all i have packed in my bags are shorts, slippers, tank tops and bikinis.

i wanted to go for the white river rafting, but am not game to do it alone with a whole bunch of strangers. decided to go for the jet setting instead so that my uncles can join me.

aunt and uncle just had shoulder surgery and is really not up to the rafting activity.

contemplating on the helicopter ride, but uncle think it’s too expensive.

so here i sit, surfing the net and waiting for time to pass me by.

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entering a new reading phrase..

By |July 15th, 2009|

there are like tonnes of books waiting to be read in my room, but these will be my priority in the next few days. have been surfing non stop on south africa these days…

there’s just so much to know?

i think i mentioned some time last year that after all those trips that i have taken, the next country that i’ll like to visit is south africa.

and so… YAY!! i’m inching towards my dream..

26 Sep – 6 Oct – 10 GRAND DAYS of fun..

i am so so looking forward to it even though it’s more than 2 months away.

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south africa..

By |July 12th, 2009|

been trying to read up about south africa for the past hr and a half and it seems like greek to me. totally cannot relate to the places and the names and what nots.

this is by far the hardest research i have done for any trip. i reckon it’s the fact that i cannot remember the names of the places.. so i keep reading back and forth to refer.

have anyone gone to south africa that can provide some tips for reference?

from the list, what would be worth covering? johnnesburg, south africa safari, victoria falls, chobe (botswana) & cape town.

on a side note, i cannot seemed to log into msn today. is it a common problem across or is it just me?!


i think the msn is just me, cos while posting this post.. i found out my computer’s date is screwed and its dated in april. after i rectified the […]