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Conversations with the husband #8

By |February 3rd, 2014|

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. I’m back with a quick “Conversations with the husband” post while I try and recover from the post CNY fatigue. It’s been a few days of madness and sleep deprivation and I wished I had taken leave to recover from all these. Definitely don’t feel as young anymore!

Will try posting from frequently this week!

Conversations with the husband #8

We had an extremely exhausting evening a couple of days ago (pre cny) while managing 2 kids and staying hungry till midnight. It was one of those days that left me fuming for hours and kept questioning myself why  the hell I had kids. Believe me.. It was real bad and I haven’t felt like that for months.

Jerome was really cranky but refused to sleep for hours. Jerry was being his attention seeking self and being annoying and kept shooting me questions machine gun style […]

Things Jerry says #3 – the little traffic conductor

By |January 15th, 2014|


Things Jerry says – the little traffic conductor

We have been teaching the kid about traffic lights since a long time ago.. when he was still in the stroller and I used to push him around everywhere. I believe in empowering him with the knowledge from young so he doesn’t run across traffic lights and know the basic traffic rules, right from the moment he understands me. I’m paranoid that way. Part of the reason is that i used to have a really really smart classmate in primary school and one day, he didn’t check for the cars while crossing and got hit. He was in coma for months and when he got out of it, he is never the same again and the lesson stayed with me for life. (sorry, being a little emo here!)

So recently, this little one is […]

Things Jerry say #2 – Caring for the ‘birdie’

By |January 12th, 2014|


Things Jerry says #2

I was applying moisturising lotion for the kid post bath where the following conversation happened.
J: mummy, I want to apply lotion on my birdie!!!
Me: huh?! Birdie?
Me: oh. You mean BODY? It’s “bor-di”! Not birdie!!

Funny conversations with the husband #6 and #7

By |January 8th, 2014|


Conversations with the husband #6 

Honestly, I don’t really know if the conversations are funny, or irritating and totally a pain in the arse but I choose to see the humour side of things because this is one person that I need to spend the rest of my life with, and my mantra is all about living and being happy so I process everything with a pinch of salt.

The husband was irritating the hell outta me earlier and I was on the brink of exploding and trying scheme against him when I suddenly had a *light bulb moment*

C: stop irritating me, else I’ll go back home, take your watches and do giveaways on my blog one by one! Let’s start with the daytona.
D: woah. . Easy there.  Easy there. *flash me an innocent smile*
C: *feeling triumph and imagining that I’m pumping fist in […]

Things Jerry Says #1

By |January 3rd, 2014|

The kid has been sprouting sentences and arguments like an adult and he surprises me every single day. Like… woah! Where did he learn that from?

and since its a brand new year and a brand new blog, i am going to chronicle his funny conversations in numeric order. I know i posted some before previously, but i guess i’ll start counting somewhere.

Over the holiday, before we headed out for lunch.. der went to his bonnet and did some engine servicing. Jerry & Jerome was both strapped in the car before der went on to do his stuff.

Jerry: Why isnt the car moving and where is papa?

Me: There… Papa is right in front, can you see him?

Jerry: What happened? Is there something wrong with the engine? Is it engine spoil already?

Me: (thinking to myself – WOAH! How did he know the engine is there? Who taught him?!) Ya, papa fixing […]

conversations with the husband #4 and #5

By |December 8th, 2013|

Conversations with the husband #4

Quick update: My little chub chub is still sick and running the possibility of a hospital admission. sigh. We are gonna nebulize him for 2 days in hope he gets better else we will be reporting to the hospital for admission. I do hope that doesn’t happen. it’s bad enough that both kids are sick and we blew 600+ at the doc’s today.

mean while, I haven’t recorded the funny conversations with the husband for a while so here’s one.

(I saw a really cute girl on the streets and wished I could have a girl..)
me: if we had a girl, would you dote on the girl more as compared to the boys?
der: no. I’m impartial. I will dote on whoever is obedient.
me: you sure? but daddy always dote on their daughters isn’t it? I thought there is a saying… (me trying to recall)
der: …that daughters are […]

i am so darn hot (pun intended). I’m running a viral fever!

By |September 29th, 2013|

my viral fever temperature just recorded its highest in the last 5 days (or is it 6th day now). an hour ago, I recorded like 39.5 degrees celsius.


the husband has been icing me with ice and cold packs (and his can of beer) for the past hour and more and I really cannot feel more loved.


I just need to know why this stinking fever refused to leave me alone. and the freaking reason that caused me to BURN (luckily not in hell yet).


thought I put down some random thoughts in case my brain really gets fried and I can’t think straight.


I really don’t want to lose my brain. Lol. that’s where all my memories are kept and I think its really the sole purpose of living.


I love my gf who kept texting me everyday checking on my temperature and telling me “dafaq!!! go to hospital please!” with my […]

conversations with the husband #3

By |July 9th, 2013|

Conversations with the husband #3

after a super frustrating bedtime routine with a toddler who simply refused to sleep for > 2 hours.. my tempers were flaring and I really was on the verge of strangling him or giving him away to another family. I was so tired, super sick and I badly wanted to grab some rest. so after loads of struggles, cries, whines, disciplinary acts and hugging daddy’s leg. I ignored him for the longest time and he fell asleep.  in the above position, over my blanket but under my bolster.


daddy and I finally sat down to have dinner at close to midnight, packed his school bag for tomorrow, washed the dishes and the milk bottles, bathe (the weather is killing) and now, I’m being the ‘milk maid’ while typing this.


the kid is still in the same position, sleeping.


me: tonight was a frustrating […]

Jerry is the gentleman.

By |June 13th, 2013|

the other day when the fight happened, the husband and me were in discussion on the topic while strolling to the nearby mall to grab some necessities.

and the husband went….
d: i think jerry is quite the gentleman.
c: why?
d: because… 君子动口不动手。 (literally translated as “the gentlemen uses his mouth instead of his hands” but meant to mean that the gentlemen would reason rather than fight)
c: …… *roll eyes*
d: ya what! he didn’t hit other people what. he bit the girl, so he used his mouth right?

please tell me it’s a pain to deal with my husband sometimes.

we sorta concluded that the fight must have been triggered by toys, especially since jerry is of the age where he says “share share!!” but isnt able to fully grasp the meaning of it (like an internal turmoil where he knows but cannot put into action accurately). i have since […]

conversations with the husband #2

By |April 17th, 2013|

Conversations with the husband #2.

so, we have been shopping non stop every weekend or on the days the husb gets to leave work earlier for the home. furniture, appliances, toilet accessories, basins, faucets, lightings or some times, just for ideas and inspiration.

while browsing in a furniture shop one day and spotting a wardrobe that has anti-slam door systems and drawers..

c: woah! i like!
d: what you like about it?
c: the doors and the drawers of the wardrobe, all fitted with the anti-slam thingy. i think we must have that in our house for our wardrobes (we have only planned to have it in the kitchen thus far)
d: why? kitchen have good enough what.
c: hmmm.. i see it as marriage maintenance. you know. if anyone of us gets angry, we can’t slam the doors/drawers no matter what. even if you really slam, no sound at all. the other party won’t get […]